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Top five best steam generators

By Georgia Wilson

From our best-scoring model, to the best cheap steam generator, we round up five brilliant generator irons that aced our tests.

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Steam generators use high-pressure steam to power through creases, making laundry day a breeze. As long as they're good ones, that is. With models costing up to £400, you'll want to be sure you're getting the best steam generator before you splash out.

In the table below, we’ve picked out the top five steam generators that will steam through your ironing and leave it wrinkle-free. Each model scores highly when it comes to how well it smooths creases from clothing, as well as how easy and quick it is to use.

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Top 5 steam generator irons


The manufacturer says this steam generator iron benefits from 'silent steam' technology. That could sound tempting if you usually watch TV or listen to the radio while ironing, and you've been troubled by noisy steam generator irons in the past. But does that justify the price tag? Read our full review to find out whether this iron smooths out crumpled clothes quickly and effortlessly.


The manufacturer says this is the first steam generator to offer 'powerful ironing with low sound', so it could be ideal for ironing in front of the TV or in an open-plan room. But does this pricey steam generator iron really keep a lid on all of the hissing and spluttering? And is it steamy enough to help you blitz your laundry pile and banish deep creases?


This steam generator promises the same kind of ironing power as a typical generator, but takes up less space. The manufacturer also claims that its easy-control technology allows you to iron any fabric without changing the settings. But does this pint-sized steam generator still do an effective job? We took it in for testing to find out.


This great steam generator pumps out plenty of steam, presses out creases quickly and easily and stands up well to limescale. But its handle is not particularly comfortable and it takes a long time to start steaming.


This steam generator iron makes laundry quick and easy. It produces plenty of steam and glides smoothly, removing even deep creases effortlessly. It’s simple to clean and steam levels won’t fall after a couple of months, so your clothes can be just as wrinkle-free for months to come.

And here's three to avoid...

Steam generators should make ironing quicker and easier, but some don’t produce enough steam or take ages to heat up, making them worse than a regular iron. Here are three you shouldn’t waste your money on.


This steam generator is more affordable than most steam generators but don’t buy it because of its price. It doesn’t produce much steam and the soleplate scratches easily, which isn’t ideal for delicate clothes.


While this steam generator pumps out lots of steam at first, it soon drops off. It doesn’t have a limescale filter, so it clogs up quickly and is extremely difficult to clean.


Don’t fork out on this steam generator. It’s not bad initially, but it loses steam power drastically over the first few months. The water tank can’t be removed, making it a pain to empty and refill.

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