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Best steam generator irons to buy in 2019

By Georgia Wilson

Find out which is the best steam generator iron for you, plus what you need to know to buy the best steam generator.

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The best steam generator irons pump out lots more steam than a standard iron, making ironing quicker and easier. 

But a steam generator iron can be expensive and bulky, and not all live up to the manufacturer's claims.

Our expert guide looks at the key things to consider when choosing a steam generator. From how much to spend, to which features to look out for, we’ll help you choose the best model - and avoid the worst.

In this article:

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Top five steam generators

We’ve picked out the top five steam generators that will steam through your ironing and leave laundry wrinkle-free. Each model scores highly when it comes to how well it smooths creases from clothing, as well as how easy and quick it is to use.

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Top 5 steam generator irons


It’s not cheap, but this steam generator gets an almost perfect score in our tough ironing tests for ease of use and how well it irons. It weighs next to nothing but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to push down harder, as creases disappear with incredible ease. There are lots of handy features - including one- temperature technology, a removable water tank with large filling hole, a carry lock to fix the iron to the base for easy carrying and storage compartments for both cords.


The one-size-fits-all temperature setting on this steam generator means you can iron on all fabrics without having to worry about fiddling with the controls mid-ironing. It pumps out copious amounts of steam to make ironing easy. You can easily see the water level while ironing, and the large filling hole makes it easy to refill when it does run low. You can also rest the iron on its heel - handy for when you need to adjust the position of a garment on the ironing board.


This top-of-the-range steam generator iron pumps out a high level of steam that gets deep into the fabric, banishing creases quickly and easily. The soleplate is scratch resistant, so you don't need to worry about damaging it if you need to wipe it down or you accidentally brush it against a zip. Its limescale defences work well too so it should stay steamy for a while.


Not only is it easy and comfortable to use, but this generator pumps out more than enough steam to eliminate the most stubborn of creases - even on difficult fabrics such as linen. It resists limescale brilliantly, too, and clearly deserves our Best Buy recommendation.


This steam generator comes with three preset ironing levels that set the steam and heat level for different fabrics, so there aren’t too many settings to get used to. It’s a really steamy generator, blasting away creases with minimum effort. The removable water tank will save you lugging the whole thing to the sink each time. It's very easy to store, as there are compartments for both cords and the iron locks to the base to make it easier to carry.

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And here's three to avoid...

Steam generators should make ironing quicker and easier, but some don’t produce enough steam or take ages to heat up, making them worse than a regular iron.


This steam generator is more affordable than most steam generators but don’t buy it because of its price. It doesn’t produce much steam and the soleplate scratches easily, which isn’t ideal for delicate clothes.


While this steam generator pumps out lots of steam at first, it soon drops off. It doesn’t have a limescale filter, so it clogs up quickly and is extremely difficult to clean.


Don’t fork out on this steam generator. It’s not bad initially, but it loses steam power drastically over the first few months. The water tank can’t be removed, making it a pain to empty and refill.

Video: how to buy the best steam generator 

Watch our video for expert advice on what you need to look out for when buying a steam generator. 

Not sure if you need a steam iron or a steam generator? Our interactive tool walks you through the key features of each type to help you choose.

Steam generators vs steam irons

Steam generators are designed to produce vast amounts of steam for longer, to make light work of large piles of ironing. 

They're typically able to hold around three times as much water as a regular steam iron, which means you won't have to stop to refill as often. They're also lighter to hold when you're at the ironing board because the water is held in a separate tank, 

The best steam generators undoubtedly make the ironing experience faster and easier, and will leave you with flawlessly smooth clothes. However, they are expensive and won’t be right for everyone. 

Here are the pros and cons to help you choose.

Steam generator pros

  • Produce much more steam than a regular iron
  • Smooth creases quickly and effortlessly
  • Lighter than most irons
  • Won't need refilling as often

Steam generator cons

  • More expensive than a standard iron
  • Bulky to store and heavy to carry
  • Noisy
  • Some are too heavy to sit on a normal ironing board

It’s worth investing in a steam generator if you regularly iron big piles of laundry and large items, such as duvet covers and sheets, and if your priority is to get through the ironing as quickly as possible.

But there are big differences between the worst and the best steam generators. Our tests show that some are actually less steamy than the best regular irons, so check out our steam generator reviews before you buy.

Pressurised vs non-pressurised steam generators 

There are two basic types of steam generator to choose between:

Non-pressurised steam generator

These are typically the cheapest type of steam generator. They work in a similar way to standard irons, but produce larger quantities of steam. 

The large separate water tank means you won’t have to refill it as often.

Pressurised steam generator

These blast high-pressure steam deep into fabrics, making it even easier to smooth creases. They’re more expensive than non-pressurised generators. 

A pressurised generator could be a good investment if you regularly iron a lot of laundry, as a good one will whizz through your ironing pile faster than any other type of iron.

How much should I spend on a steam generator? 

Steam generator irons can range in price from around £50 to more than £350, with most models costing more than £100. 

In general, the more you pay, the more steam your iron is likely to produce. And the more extra features it will come with. 

But price isn't the best indicator of how quickly a generator can banish creases. Many of the big iron brands have produced steam generator irons for less than £200 that we've ranked as the best steam generators, and there are very occasional Best Buys for less than £100.

Shops including Argos, Currys, Homebase and John Lewis tend to stock steam generators and there are plenty available on Amazon. You can compare features, scores and prices for steam generator irons using our steam irons review page.  

Prices tend to fluctuate too – so, if you're prepared to wait, you'll probably be able to snap up a good one on sale. Make sure you check our steam generator reviews before you buy, so you don't end up with a dud.

Will I have to wait long before I can start ironing?

The best steam generators are ready to go in two minutes, but with some you have to wait for pressure to build before you can start ironing, which can take more than 10 minutes. 

These models usually have to cool and depressurise before you can refill the water tank. If you need more than one tank of water to get through your laundry pile, this will really add to the time it will take to finish the job.

It’s worth finding out whether you'll have to wait for steam to form and/or depressurise with the steam generator you have your eye on, before you buy it.  

Is limescale a problem for steam generators?

The amount of steam your generator produces can seriously tail off if limescale builds up inside. However, steam generators tend not to clog up as quickly as steam irons. 

Nearly all steam generators come with in-built cleaning systems to try to flush out limescale, as with steam irons. The cleaning process can range from a few quick and simple steps, to more complicated procedures involving shaking the boiler over the sink or soaking parts in lemon juice for four hours. 

We test each steam generator to see how easy it is to clean and whether cleaning returns steam levels to full power. You can see which are the best for this in our steam generator iron reviews. 

Steam generators and antiscale cartridges  

Some steam generators come with anti-scale cartridges that claim to prevent limescale forming and should keep steam powerful. These cartridges need replacing every few months and cost around £5 each. 

If you don’t have a replacement to hand, you should be able to iron with distilled water in place of tap water. But you might find this a hassle that gets in the way of your ironing routine – and some models won’t function if the cartridge needs replacing.

The best steam generator features to look out for 

Thin, tapered soleplate

A thin soleplate will slide easily under buttons easily, as thicker ones tend to catch. 

A soleplate that narrows at the nose will be easier to slide into pleats.

Large, clear and easy-to-fill water tank

The larger the water tank, the more steam time you'll get. So choose one which will hold a lot of water – provided you have the room to store it.

Some tanks are removable so they're easy to fill at the tap. Others are filled in-situ with a separate jug, so look to see whether the filler hole is large and accessible.

Check whether the tank is clear enough to see the water level, both as you're filling it and as you're ironing. Some of the darker tanks make it difficult to see when you've filled the tank to maximum and when you're about to run out of steam.

Iron lock

Some irons lock to the generator base, which makes them much easier to carry.

Cord storage

Steam generators are bulky and come with an additional power cord, so having a way to neatly store the cords makes getting them out and putting them away a whole lot easier. 

Look for steam generators with a storage compartments or clips to hold both power cords in place when it's not in use. 

Auto shut-off safety feature

Steam generators with this feature will switch off automatically if they're not used for a while. 

This is a really handy feature that provides peace of mind if you worry about whether you've remembered to turn off your iron.

Haven't found the steam generator for you? Head to our steam generator reviews for more recommendations.

Why Which? steam generator reviews are better

Which? is completely independent – so you can trust our reviews to give you the full, honest and impartial truth about which steam generators are best.

Every steam generator iron we review has been through exhaustive testing in our lab. We go further than anyone else to make sure our reviews are comprehensive and easily comparable, taking the guesswork away when it comes to you making a decision. We'll tell you how well each iron smoothes out creases, if it resists lime-scale build-up, how easy it is to fill, empty and clean, and how robust the soleplate is – so you can buy the best steam generator for you. 

Find out more about how we test steam irons.


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