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Updated: 5 Apr 2022

Best cheap tablets under £200

We reveal five cheap tablets you can pick up for less £200. These quality models from big brands cost less than half the price of an Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface.
Martin Pratt
Woman using tablet on sofa

The high-end tablets that dominate the market (we're looking at you, iPads) are expensive, but there are plenty of cheap alternatives. If you want a tablet for casual use or more basic operations, or something that might get knocked or scratched while being out and about, it makes sense not to spend a fortune.

Even if you want something a bit more powerful, there are models that don't feel sluggish when you're running several apps at once. Of course, there will be some compromises when you move towards the budget end of the market, but our reviews will help you get the most for your money.

Here, we reveal the best cheap tablets for under £200 (some even cost less than £100), backed up by our extensive, independent lab tests.

Best tablets under £200

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Best cheap tablets

  • This tablet is seriously impressive for the money, putting some more expensive models to shame. It certainly isn’t the fastest around, but it’s perfectly suited to anybody who wants portable tablet to take on holiday or to use on their daily commute.

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  • It's comfortably one of the cheapest 10-inch tablets around. The screen could be better, but you get good battery and a fast processor for a lower price than you'd expect.

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  • It would benefit from a sharper screen, but it's a competent little tablet that runs faster than you'd expect for a model at this price. The battery is strong, too.

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  • A great choice for those on a budget, this 8-inch tablet isn't a power house, but does more than enough for the average user. The battery stamina means you can use it for long stretches away from the plug socket.

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  • There's almost no need to consider any other brand of ultra-cheap tablet. This model does such a good job of hiding its cheapness, it's a great pick for adults and kids alike.

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Products updated February 2022.

Not found the model for you? Use our tablet reviews to pick the right tablet for your budget.

Tablets under £200 to avoid

While there are some cheap tablets you should consider, there are some to avoid. Stuffed with bad tech and tricky to use, these are prime examples of the tablets you shouldn't buy.

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A tablet to avoid

What are cheap tablets good for?

There are plenty of tablets that tick all the important boxes and don't break the bank, but look out for differences in quality in the following areas:

  • Browsing the internet - even the most basic tablets should be able to handle a bit of web browsing, but with less capable models this can be sluggish, with annoying delays.
  • Watching videos - all tablets are capable of playing video content, but the difference between a good and bad model is the quality of the screen. We've found plenty of tablets that rate four stars for screen quality, even in the budget market.
  • Using apps - unless you're interested in more power-hungry apps, such as the latest 3D games or video editing suites, budget tablets should be fine for most purposes. Again though, a poorly built budget model could be sluggish and frustrating to use.
  • Taking photos/video calling. Most budget tablets have a built-in camera, but this is an area where quality can vary wildly at the lower end of the market. A poor camera will make video calls grainy and take poor-quality photos. 
  • Reading books. Though not as effective as e-readers, tablets can be used for reading. However, a poor-quality or low-resolution display can make this difficult, and may even put a strain on your eyes. 

Just want to know which models top our tests? See our expert pick of the best tablets.

Saving money on an older model

A lot of manufacturers refresh their tablet line-up on a yearly basis, which means that you'll often see great discounts on the previous year's or older models. 

The launch of the latest tablet can be a great time to pick up the previous version, with stores getting rid of old stock to make way for the latest shiny model. While manufacturers would have you believe that their newest model is the best ever, they would have been parroting that line the year before, and in many cases, the older version will still be a good tablet.

By ensuring that the software is up to date, you should find that an older tablet will have more or less the same functionally as a new one, but the specifications won't quite be as impressive. Choose wisely, by checking our reviews, and you could get an excellent tablet for less.

If you are thinking of buying an older tablet, find out how long it will receive software updates for. A tablet that isn't getting important security patches could be vulnerable to viruses and make your home network more vulnerable to attack. Some manufacturers are more open about this than others, but we aim to identify when every tablet we test will stop receiving security updates.

You can use our tablet security update tool to see when the models on your shortlist will stop receiving security patches and software updates.