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Updated: 19 May 2022

What is Freesat from Sky?

Learn more about Freesat from Sky - a subscription-free alternative to Freesat.
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Freesat from Sky is a satellite TV service from Sky that doesn't require an ongoing fee, allowing you to watch Sky TV without needing a subscription.

Existing Sky customers can switch to Freesat from Sky to cut their costs, although they won't get access to the premium sports and movies that Sky offers. 

New customers can also sign up to Freesat from Sky and get more channels than regular Freesat. However, the big drawback for them is the initial payment - at £175, it is more expensive than other free TV options. 

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Is Freesat from Sky any good?

Whether Freesat from Sky will suit you depends on a few factors, including whether you've been a Sky customer in the past and the types of channels you're interested in, Before you sign up to Freesat from Sky, it's worth weighing up the benefits and disadvantages: 


  • No subscription costs
  • Over 240 channels – more than on Freeview or Freesat
  • Existing Sky customers can switch and save money


  • Higher set-up costs than Freeview or Freesat
  • You'll need a satellite dish on your house
  • Lacks premium sports or movie options that come with Sky

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What is Freesat from Sky?

Freesat from Sky is not the same as Freesat – rather it was launched by Sky as a competitor to the BBC and ITV's main Freesat service in 2008. Both services use the same satellites to deliver free TV channels to people's homes.

Freesat from Sky gives you access to all the channels available on Freesat, along with some additional networks. You get over 240 channels, but only 11 in HD, compared to over 20 available on Freesat. Channels include BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Pick TV, 5 USA, plus  a few channels you won't find on Freeview or Freesat. However, some are relatively niche - examples include EuroNews, Holiday and Cruise and Horse and Country TV.  If this suits your needs, make sure you get the best picture quality when watching Freesat from Sky with a great Best Buy TV.

Premium sports and film content is not currently offered on Freesat from Sky. However, if you're happy with what's available on free-to-air channels such as the BBC and ITV, this won't be a problem. If you'd like access to channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Sports, but aren't keen on the idea of a pricey contract, read our guide on how to watch Sky TV without a Sky subscription.

You also have the option of buying an additional device, such as a Now TV box from Sky, to give access to premium content on a pay-as-you go or rolling monthly contract basis. Other options include adding a Chromecast or Roku TV streamer, plus a service such as Netflix. You can read more about these in our guide to the best streaming devices.

How much does Freesat from Sky cost?

If you're a new customer you can order a minidish, Sky HD box and a viewing card for £254 (this cost includes installation).

If you're an existing Sky customer and have your own equipment then you'll just need to buy a viewing card for £25.