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Top five best lightweight vacuum cleaners

By Matthew Knight

We've selected our favourite light vacuums that are easy to lift, but still pack a powerful punch when it comes to cleaning. 

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Top lightweight vacuum cleaners

The lightweight vacuum cleaners recommended in the table below have all gone through our rigorous lab tests, so you can be sure that as well as being light and easy to use, they will also do a great job of sucking up dust and grime from your carpets and hard floors. 

Each of our top five picks in the table below have been selected from our list of the best vacuum cleaners, and all are much lighter than average. When we test vacuum cleaners we weigh each vacuum cleaner with any tools attached to the body of the vacuum cleaner, like you would have them at home. This is why our weight measurements are sometimes a little higher - and more realistic - than manufacturers' claims.

  Our verdict Carpet cleaning Weight Score
Lightest Best Buy cylinder vacuum cleaner

The best lightweight cylinder vacuum cleaner is a Which? member favourite. It weighs more than a kilogram less than the average cylinder vacuum, is great value and provides phenomenal dust pick-up on carpets, flat laminate floors and floorboards. It's also a good choice for allergy sufferers and sucks up pet hair quickly and efficiently, too.

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6kg 80%
Lightest Best Buy upright vacuum cleaner

Our best lightweight upright vacuum weighs almost two kilograms less than the average upright and half as much as the heaviest we've tested. As well as being lightweight, it is excellent at sucking up fine dust from carpets, good on flat laminate floors and an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

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5.3kg 79%
Lightest two-in-one vacuum cleaner

This vacuum might not be quite as light as some of our other Best Buys, but it does come with a handy lift-away handheld vacuum that can be detached from the main body of the cleaner. This makes cleaning the stairs and in hard-to-reach places much easier, and lighter on the arm muscles.

This vacuum cleaner was tested under our latest vacuum cleaner test programme, which is tougher than the previous test. As such the overall percentage score is not directly comparable to vacuum cleaners tested under the old test programme. 

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6.4kg 72%
Lightest Best Buy handheld vacuum cleaner

This handheld vacuum cleaner is great for everyday spills and for tasks that are more difficult with a larger and heavier vacuum cleaner, such as cleaning the stairs. This Best Buy handheld vacuum cleaner only weighs 1.2kg and is well-balanced in the hand, so if you need a very light machine,  this could be the vacuum cleaner for you.   

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1.2kg 78%
Lightest Best Buy cordless vacuum cleaner

No discussion on light vacuum cleaners is complete until you've considered whether to go cordless. One of the biggest advantages of cordless machines is that they aren't too heavy, and this excellent cordless vacuum cleaner is a full three kilograms lighter than even the lightest standard vacuums we've tested. It is not uncommon with cordless machines to need to make a compromise on the quality of the cleaning, but this brilliant model can mix it with even the best standard vacuums and is a fraction of the weight.

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2kg 75%

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Table notes: The test programmes for handheld vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners differ from the corded vacuum cleaners test programme. As a result, the star ratings and overall test scores are not comparable between cordless vacuums, handheld vacuums and corded vacuum cleaners. 

Why Which? vacuum reviews are better

Our tests go further than those carried out by other organisations, and because Which? is independent and does not accept advertising or freebies, you can trust our reviews to give you the full, honest and impartial truth about a product.

When testing vacuum cleaners in the Which? test lab, we spread super-fine sand from Arizona over a carpet and grind it in. We then strap the vacuum cleaner onto a rig and run it over the carpet five times to see how much dust it sucks up. Bad vacuums pick up less than half, while Best Buys remove twice as much.

As well as the amount of dust that's removed from carpets and hard floors, we also measure how much noise the vacuum cleaner makes, whether suction is lost as the machine fills up, and how well it removes pet hairs from the carpet.

If you are considering buying a lightweight vacuum cleaner to make your life a little easier, make sure you take a look at our vacuum cleaner reviews first so that we can tell you which are the best vacuum cleaners and the Don't Buy vacuums to avoid.

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