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Which vacuum cleaner brand?

Top 6 vacuum cleaner brands for 2017

By Matthew Knight

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Make sure you get a new vacuum cleaner that will last by choosing a vacuum cleaner from the best and most reliable brands. 

Put us to the test

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Over the past 20 years we've put hundreds of vacuum cleaners to the test in the Which? test lab to find out which really offer the best cleaning power for your money, and which are worthy of earning our respected Best Buy recommendation.

As a result, we’ve developed an unrivalled insight into what each vacuum brand does well and not so well. In the tables below, we share what we’ve learnt about each of the biggest vacuum brands, including Dyson, Vax, Miele, Bosch, Henry, Hoover and many more.

We've split the results by upright and cylinder models, as we've found differences by brand in the reliability of upright and cylinder vacuums. If you already know which type of vacuum cleaner you want, skip straight to the table you need.

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Cylinder vacuum cleaner brands rated
Brand name Average test score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
75% 84% This brand's vacuum cleaners are loved by those who own them and they are reliable too. Furthermore, they perform absolutely brilliantly when we send them off to our test lab. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, this brand is a safe pair of hands.
66% 79% This brand gets the full five star rating for reliability, and as such is less likely to develop faults than other vacuum brands. It's popular with Which? members and relatively affordable compared to other brands, - our members consider vacuums from this brand excellent value for money, but they don't excel in our tests and we haven't found any Best Buys.
70% 73% This brand tends to do well in our tests, earning high scores for dust pick-up on different surfaces. They aren't the best on test though, which makes their high price point hard to swallow. Our members only think they're average value for money and there are other brands with a higher customer score and reliability rating.
77% 63% This brand does well in our tests and nearly all the models are effective on all floor types. Our survey also shows that they are reliable. They have quite a low customer score though compared to other brands.


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Upright vacuum cleaner brands rated
Brand Average test score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
64% 79% This brand has a good reliability rating and the best customer score of any upright vacuum cleaner manufacturer. They haven't done the best when we have sent them to our test lab, but by no means are they slouches when it comes to cleaning.
73% 72% This brand's vacuums have a brilliant five star reliability rating and are well loved by our members who own them. They have also done brilliantly when we have tested them at our lab and there are plenty of Best Buy vacuums from this brand to choose from.
72% 69% This brand's uprights tend to do well in our tests, earning high scores for dust pick-up on different surfaces and for cleaning pet hair. They don't have as high a customer score as other upright brands though and their reliability record is only average.
69% 62% Vacuum cleaners from this brand have really improved in recent years both in terms of how good they are at cleaning and also their reliability record, which is now average rather than poor. Their customer score still isn't as high as with some other brands, but they could be worth considering if you are on a bit of a budget.
n/a 51% With an average reliability record and a poor customer score this brand probably won't be top of your list. We haven't tested any upright vacuums from this brand recently.


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Choosing the best brand of vacuum cleaner

When it comes to upright vacuum cleaners there are three or four brands that emerge from the table above that are worth considering. Good upright vacuum cleaners tend to be a bit pricier than cylinder equivalents, but there are some bargains out there if you choose carefully.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners also have a good array of quality brands to select from. Unfortunately the most reliable brand of cylinder cleaner doesn't have any Best Buys, but there are two brands with good reliability that have a wide array of Best Buy vacuum cleaners to pick from. 

One of the priciest and most well-known vacuum brands has quite variable results, and an average reliability record, so it pays to choose carefully. Our independent vacuum cleaner tests reveal which models are truly worth buying, so once you are armed with the knowledge of which brands are best, check out our round-up of the best vacuum cleaners to find the model for you. 

How we calculate the best and worst brands

Each year we conduct a large reliability survey among thousands of Which? members asking them about everything from vacuum cleaners to fridge-freezers. From this survey we calculate a reliability score based on how long vacuum cleaners last in the homes of real owners, and the types of faults they develop. 

We also calculate a customer score which reflects how satisfied vacuum owners are with their brand of cleaner and whether they would recommend it to a friend.

We combine the data we collect from this survey with the years of testing data and experience to give you an unrivalled insight into the best and worst brands of vacuum cleaner. 

And because we buy all of the vacuum cleaners we test ourselves and we don't accept any advertising, we are completely independent. So you know you can trust us when we make a recommendation.