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Top five cheap washing machines for 2019

By Matt Stevens

Bag a bargain Best Buy washing machine with our top pick of the cheapest on test.

Put us to the test

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We've found great cheap washing machines from £200 upwards from Beko, Bosch and Zanussi.

The best washing machines at this cheaper price point also tend to be older models. But if you're looking for cheap-as-chips and you don't mind a washing machine that's been around for the last few years, they still do a great job of washing, spinning and rinsing. You can see our top five in the table below.

If you're looking for a newer model that's got all the latest bells and whistles, you'll need to splash out £350+ for the latest cheap washing machines that are great at cleaning. You can find these models listed in our round-up of Best Buy washing machines.

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Top five best cheap washing machines


This large-capacity washer might have notched up its top score for cleaning a few years ago, but it still outshines newer washing machines on performance and price. It's easy to use, and the spin is brilliant at removing water from clothes.


This washing machine does a good job at the washing basics - cleaning, rinsing and spinning. If you're looking for a reasonably priced machine that will produce load after load of clean laundry, then you may have found the right one for you.


As a freestanding washing machine worthy of Best Buy status, this model is packed with features, including a function that allows you to add clothes mid wash. It also arrives with a 7kg load capacity and technology that the brand claims will give you a quieter wash that's more energy efficient.


This washing machine is a great pick for buyers on a budget. It's a 7kg, front-loading model with 15 different pre-programmed cycles, scoring top marks for cleaning performance. Although it's somewhat slow for a 7kg machine (a cotton wash can take more than three hours), the pros outweigh the cons - this is a cheap washing machine with exceptional cleaning power.


This might be an oldie, but with good cleaning results and hassle-free operation, it's still an excellent washing machine for the price, beating newer models and making it a great choice if you’re on a budget.

Pricing, recommendations and test scores correct of May 2018.

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And here's three washing machines to avoid

While the best washing machines we've tested will have your clothes clean in record time, Don't Buy washing machines will try and fail to remove tough stains. Without enlisting the help of our expert reviews, you run the risk of buying a washing machine that lets you down whether you're running a cotton wash or a synthetic wash.

Below, we've rounded up a trio of Don't Buy washing machines that aren't worth your hard-earned cash.

Don't Buy washing machines


If you're looking for a washing machine packed with tech, this model, complete with a 12kg drum, might be on your radar. But despite clever features including touch controls and a smartphone app that lets you control it remotely, this washing machine simply doesn't wash well - it struggles to remove dirt and stains. It's a clear Don't Buy.


This washing machine is remarkably bad at washing, so expect to see pesky stains in full view when you retrieve your clothes from the 7kg drum. It's painfully noisy, too - you'll have to crank the volume on your kitchen radio up to high if you want to attempt to enjoy music while this machine is running a wash.


This frontloading washing machine may have a tempting price tag, but it's slow and ineffective. It fails to impress when it comes to washing, and lengthy programs mean you'll be waiting around for clean clothes longer than you'd like. Rinsing isn't good enough, either, leaving detergent in clothing fibres that could cause issues for people with sensitive skin. Steer clear.

Cheap washing machine reviews

Even the cheapest washing machines cost upwards of around £150, and if you're paying a sizeable sum for a new one, we think you deserve the best cleaning power that won't let you down. 

That's why we put each machine we review through at least a month's worth of rigorous testing to find out how well they tackle tough stains, how thoroughly they rinse clothes to remove detergent and how good they are at cleaning clothes on the most commonly used programs. We even check how noisy they are, and how efficient they are at using water and energy.

But it's worth bearing in mind that if you're going for a cheap washing machine, you should be prepared for fewer functions and programs. You're also unlikely to find the biggest drum sizes in cheap machines so may need to pay more if you've got a big family or need to wash large loads.

Our rigorous lab tests have revealed many cheap machines that are very poor. Make sure you avoid these by checking out the Don't Buy washing machines.

Washing machines you can trust

Tough testing isn't all we do. We think it's important that you can rely on your washing machine to not let you down – that's why we ensure all of our Best Buys come from brands that are proven to be reliable.

We survey thousands of washing machine owners year after year to find out how pleased they are with their machines, and if they've had any faults or issues. Careful analysis of the results means that we can give each washing machine brand a unique reliability rating. We'll only make a washing machine a Best Buy if it tops our tests and gets a good reliability rating, or comes with a free five-year parts and labour warranty.

You can find out how the bestselling brands compare by heading to our guide to the best washing machine brands.


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