1 Contact the seller

If you've not received your item contact the eBay seller and let them know the item has not been received - this applies when you buy from a business and when you buy from a private seller on eBay.

If the eBay seller confirms the goods have been sent, then the action you take next depends on whether you bought from a business or a private seller and who made the arrangements for delivery.

2 Who's responsible?

Did the eBay seller include delivery as part of the deal or was this arranged separately? 

  • If you're buying from a business and delivery is included, then the business is responsible for the goods until you get them, so any problems with the delivery rest with the seller. 
  • If you bought from a private seller then the position depends on what you specifically agreed in terms of delivery. If the seller arranged delivery, you may need to get them to take the matter up with the delivery company. 

But if you made the arrangements - as long as the private seller handed the goods to the courier - then you'd need to take the issue up with the delivery company as the seller would've kept their side of the bargain.

3 Refund or replacement

If the eBay seller is responsible for your item not showing up, then decide whether you want your money back or, if it's possible, ask for a replacement item to be sent to you.

If the seller refuses to do anything, then you could lodge a dispute under the eBay Money Back Guarantee policy.

If the delivery company has lost the goods and you bought from a private eBay seller, ask the seller to resolve this directly with the company.

If you arranged delivery, then you would need to take the issue up with the company yourself.   

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