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Vodafone introduces PAYG mobile IOU

New 'out of credit' back up for Vodafone customers

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Mobile operator Vodafone, one of the UK’s biggest mobile service providers, has introduced an emergency back up for pay as you go mobile users called Vodafone IOU. 

Vodafone IOU is an out of credit service for Vodafone pay as you go customers. It ensures Vodafone customers will always be able to use their mobile phone when they’ve run out of pay as you go credit and are unable to top up with new pay as you go mobile credit. 

Vodafone customers can set up the IOU service by texting ‘IOU’ to ‘468’ or by calling 468 from their handset.

How Vodafone IOU works

Once a Vodafone customer adds the Vodafone IOU service to their pay as you go mobile account, they’ll receive an extra £2 of calling credit to use until they next add top up credit. 

Once Vodafone IOU has been initially activated, the ability to borrow £2 of Vodafone IOU credit will always be there. Pay as you go customers can use their IOU credit for mobile calls, mobile texts or mobile data services, including mobile internet browsing and music track downloads. 

The amount of Vodafone IOU credit the pay as you go mobile customer has used will then be deducted from their next pay as you go credit top up. 

There’s a service charge of 30p for each use of Vodafone IOU, which will also be deducted from a Vodafone customer’s next credit top up.

Keeping an eye on your Vodafone IOUs

Customers can check their balance at any time to find out how much IOU has been spent and how much Vodafone IOU credit they still have available to use.

Ian Haynes, head of product and pricing for Vodafone UK, says: ‘We know there is nothing more annoying than not being able to do something as simple as make a phone call because you’ve not had a chance to top up. 

‘We’re really excited about being able to offer the Vodafone IOU service – £2 can go a long way with our Vodafone Simply price plan and it’s a really convenient service for our customers.’

Vodafone IOU is available to all Vodafone pay as you go customers who have been with Vodafone for more than 30 days and have topped up at least £5.

Which? mobile expert Ceri Stanaway says: ‘This could prove a useful add on for Vodafone pay as you go customers who run out of credit at a bad moment. 

‘But users of the Vodafone IOU service should regard it as an emergency back up when they don’t have the option of buying top up credit, rather than a feature they use every time they run out of credit. Otherwise there’s the potential of running into the same problem of not being able to use their mobile phone when the IOU runs out, and being charged 30p a pop for the privilege.’

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