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New washing machine washes ‘50 shirts in one go’

Panasonic says huge 10kg drum could save energy

Panasonic NA-140VG3 washing machine

Panasonic says its new NA-140VG3 washing machine can clean 50 shirts in one go

Panasonic has launched a new washing machine with a 10kg drum that it claims can save time, water and energy by washing up to 50 shirts in one load.

New for 2011, Panasonic’s G series of washers includes the massive 10kg capacity NA-140VG3, which could prove a boon for households that generate lots of laundry. Models NA-168VG3 and NA-148VG3 from the same series have 8kg drums, and the B series, also introduced in 2011, offers drum sizes of 7kg and 8kg.

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Filling to capacity

As it can be difficult to fill such a large drum to capacity every time you wash, Panasonic claims its ‘Perfect Sense’ technology allows the machine to adapt energy and water use, depending on whether the drum is full, half full, or only partially loaded.

Which? washing machine expert Katie Hill says: ‘We’ve seen an increasing number of large-capacity machines recently, and these models can help you reduce the number of washes you do in a week.

‘But you’ll need to fill the drum up to its maximum load to get the full benefit, otherwise they can end up costing you more. Our washing machine tests are based on washing a maximum load so you’ll know exactly what performance you can expect at home – see our washing machine review for test results for the latest models, including 50 washing machines with 8kg or larger drum sizes.’

Low temperature ‘eco’ setting

Panasonic’s new washing machines also feature an energy-saving 15oC programme. Most of us now know that washing at lower temperatures can save money, and we’d expect the Panasonic’s 15oC Eco setting to save energy compared with washing at 40oC.

The new machine’s 3D sensors monitor how the laundry is moving inside the drum, and makes adjustments to ensure a better wash performance. But you’ll probably want to use a detergent specifically designed for low temperatures to achieve the best results.

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Energy saving-washing machines

Katie says: ‘All of Panasonic’s new models achieve an A+++ official energy rating, which sounds impressive – but when testing washing machines we never take these results at face value and test each machine ourselves in our lab, before giving it our own Which? rating for energy-efficiency rating.

‘We haven’t tested Panasonic’s new range yet, but if you’re looking for an energy-efficient machine that suits your budget, use our compare washing machine features and prices tool, where our Best Buy washing machines start at less than £250.’

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