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Is the Yonanas frozen dessert maker worth £60?

Gadget turns old bananas into dairy-free 'ice-cream'


The new Yonanas dessert maker uses old bananas to make an ice-cream alternative.

The Yonanas may help reduce food waste, but is it worth £60? We’ve tried out the new dessert maker that claims to turn old bananas into a healthy dairy-free ice-cream alternative.

Around 14 million of us are cutting back on food waste and using leftovers to save money as budgets tighten, according to recent Which? research. So the new Yonanas frozen dessert maker – which claims to turn old, spotty bananas into a frozen dairy-free dessert similar to ice-cream – seems like an ingenious idea. 

It is appealing for many reasons – to reduce food waste, increase fruit intake and cater to those that are dairy intolerant – but at £60 it’s not a cheap kitchen gadget. 

We sent the Yonanas home with our kitchen gadget expert to find out whether this wannabe ice-cream maker is a gimmick or a great gadget that makes delicious desserts. You can read her verdict in our Yonanas first look review. 

Yonanas ‘ice-cream’ recipes

To make your dessert, you feed peeled, frozen bananas into the machine, which are then turned in a mixture resembling ice-cream. You can add other ingredients such as peanut butter, chocolate or other prepared frozen fruits.

Two scoops of frozen fruit dessert in a bowl

Plum, kiwi and banana frozen ‘ice-cream’ made by the new Yonanas.

The Yonanas comes with a colourful recipe book full of frozen delights, and a clear guide on how to freeze and thaw the bananas perfectly. The machine itself comes with an on/off switch and a plunger to help push the frozen fruit through the machine.

When we tried out the Yonanas we made ‘Simply Yonanas’, which is the basic banana recipe, as well as a fruit recipe using plum, kiwi and banana, using up fruit that would otherwise have headed for the bin.

Ice-cream maker reviews

The Yonanas is a cross between a juicer and an ice cream maker. If a fruit-based dessert isn’t your thing and you prefer creamier treat, head to our ice-cream makers reviews. Here you’ll find the quickest and easiest ice-cream makers to use. 

A great ice-cream maker will make a smooth ice-cream with well mixed ingredients, quickly. A bad ice-cream maker will create ice-cream with an uneven churn, full of ice-crystals.  

The Yonanas is widely available to buy, including from Argos and Amazon.

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