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Updated: 29 Dec 2021

Best hand blenders for 2022

Looking to buy an easy-to-use and versatile kitchen gadget? Discover the hand blenders that will take the work out of meal prep.
Aaron West
Hand blender

To help you find the best hand blender for all your kitchen needs we've put hand blenders from Bosch and Braun to the test.

A good hand blender can tackle all sorts of kitchens jobs, while taking up less space than having separate appliances or trying to squeeze a food processor on your worktop. Read on to find out which models impressed in our tests, and which ones will make a hash of simple prep jobs.

Unsure about whether you need a hand blender? Take a look at our guide on how to buy the best hand blender to help you find one that will suit your needs – and your budget – perfectly.

Best hand blenders for 2021

The table below reveals our top hand blenders for 2021. There’s a fantastic and affordable stick blender in there, able to mix up anything from a tough green smoothie to a smooth-as-silk mayonnaise.

If you’re looking for a versatile kitchen tool, we’ve also found an outstanding option that comes with a mini chopper and whisk. It can quickly blitz up nuts, herbs and onions with ease, as well as whisking up egg whites beautifully. 

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ModelBlendingChopping nutsEase of useScore

This affordable basic single-speed hand blender does an excellent job of blitzing up smoothies, making purée for babies and mixing batters. It can even prepare mayonnaise quicker than any other model – in just 60 seconds.

If you’re looking for a good basic hand blender, this is a great choice.

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 ModelBlendingChopping nutsEase of useScore

Our top hand blender with a chopping attachment. It may cost more than the top-scoring model, but it’ll be worth the investment if you want a more versatile kitchen tool.

Our testers described the smoothie it blended up as 'perfect', and it can chop up nuts, herbs and onions very quickly. It also whisked and whipped egg whites as well as cream better than rivals.

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Table notes: last updated March 2021

Hand blenders reviewed

We've also tested two other hand blenders – both fared well in our tests, but fell short of Best Buy standards.

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ModelBlendingChopping nutsEase of useScore

This hi-tech stick blender has a smart-response speed button (the more you press, the higher the speed) and its blade head moves up and down to help blend even the hardest of ingredients. While it’s great at blending together anything from smoothies to batter, it almost entirely fails to chop nuts evenly and finely in the recommended 15 seconds.

You can buy it with a food processing or mini chopper accessory.

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 ModelBlendingChopping nutsEase of useScore

This is a good all-rounder, but it fails to excel in a few key areas. The green smoothies we blended still had many bitty fibres left after blending for over a minute, for example. And while it comes with a separate food processor accessory, we found it did a slightly worse job at chopping nuts, herbs and onions than some more basic models.

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Table notes: last updated March 2021

Choosing the right hand blender for you

Price can vary from as little as £5 to more than £100. How much to spend depends on what you want to do and how often you plan to use your hand blender.

There's no need to spend a lot to get good results. However, you will get less in the way of whizzy extras, such as fine speed control or cordless operation.

Key things to consider when buying a hand blender include:

  • Max run time – this can be as little as 10 seconds. If you want to tackle tougher jobs, look for a model with a longer run time.
  • Cord length – if you want to reach your saucepans and have sparsely located sockets, check the cord length, or consider a cordless model. Bear in mind that cordless models will be more expensive. Generally, the cheaper the product, the shorter the cord.
  • Accessories – if you want to use your hand blender for other quick kitchen jobs, such as whipping cream or mixing cake batter, look for ones with extra attachments. Try to stick to the attachments you really need, as more accessories means more clutter for your kitchen, although it can be better than buying lots of separate appliances.
  • Materials if you plan to blend lots of soups, you might prefer a metal blending stick, as this is less likely to stain or hold on to odours. However, plastic models are usually cheaper and lighter.

For more advice, see our hand blender buying guide.

How we test hand blenders

Depending on the accessories included with the hand blender, our tests can include up to 11 different food preparation tasks designed to test how effectively each model can tackle core cooking jobs. Tasks include: preparing mayonnaise, mixing batter, pureeing baby food, blending a green smoothie, chopping nuts, herbs and onions, whisking eggs, whipping cream, and slicing and mashing potatoes.

We also rate each hand blender on how easy it is to assemble and handle, as well as whether it is hassle-free to clean and store. All this feeds into our overall ease-of-use rating for each appliance.

Our full hand blender percentage test score is made up of:

  • 60% performance
  • 25% ease of use
  • 10% noise
  • 5% build quality

A hand blender needs to score at least 72% overall in our tests to be a Best Buy. We think that any hand blender that scores less than 45% is best avoided, so we highlight it as a Don't Buy.

Not sure if a hand blender is right for you? Check our guide to food preparation gadgets to help you choose.