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Which washing machine? Two Best Buys revealed

Hotpoint, Currys & Argos - who's got Don't Buys?

Washing Machine best buy and don't buy

In the shops you can’t tell the Best Buys from the Don’t Buys.

Two affordable Best Buy washing machines have emerged from our latest tests, which pit Hotpoint washers against store brand machines from Argos and Currys. We’ve also discovered four Don’t Buys. So which models are worth buying and which must be avoided?

Best Buy washing machines, like the pair we’ve just found, deliver a fantastic wash to your clothes. Both score an impressive 66% in our tests.

However, we’ve also just uncovered four Don’t Buy washing machines – one of which is now the lowest scoring model on our website, with just 25%. This model gives clothes a terrible wash and may leave traces of detergent on your laundry.

But when you’re in the shop, how do you tell one white box from another?

You can’t. The way to make sure you’re buying a washing machine you can rely on is to read our washing machine reviews

Cheap washing machines: a false economy?

In our latest tests we’ve looked at a range of budget washing machines from Hotpoint models, as well as machines from store brand ranges like Bush from Argos and Logik, Essentials and Sandstrom from Currys.

Comparison of a 5-star and 1-start cotton wash

An example of the difference between a one and five star cotton wash. The stains are grass, red wine and tomato sauce.

The results vary massively. Two models have been named Best Buys and four others are Don’t Buys, but what’s the real difference between them?

The picture to the right shows a pair of three stains that have been washed by both a Best Buy washing machine with a five star cotton wash and a Don’t Buy model with a one star cotton wash.

The difference is that the Best Buy removed over a third of the soiling compared to the Don’t Buy.

Which? laundry expert Adrian Porter said: ‘While there are a number of cheap washing machines on the market that are worth avoiding, price is no real guarantee of quality.

‘Our tests reveal you could pay over £600 and still end up with a Don’t Buy washing machine, or you could pay close to £200 and get a Best Buy.

‘Don’t rely on price as a guide. There are a range of Best Buy washing machines that cost less than £350 and our reviews will help you find them.’

If you’re after the best deal going, skip straight to the reviews of washing machines that cost less than £350.

Washing machines on test

Bush A127Q – £220
Currys Essentials C510WM13 – £160
Hotpoint HV8B593G – £300
Hotpoint WMFG1053P – £400
Hotpoint WMFG741P – £350
Hotpoint WMUD10637P – £376
Logik L612WM13 – £180
Logik L712WM13 – £200
Sandstrom S814WMW13 – £300

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