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Are magic eraser sponges too good to be true?

We try sponges from Flash, JML and Scotch-Brite

Magic eraser cleaning products

Our cleaning expert tried ‘magic erasers’ from Flash, JML Doktor Power and Scotch-Brite

Making scuff marks vanish from painted walls, wiping grime from bathroom tiles with ease and cleaning without the need for extra chemicals are all claims made by ‘magic’ eraser sponges from brands such as JML, Doktor Power and Flash. 

So are they worth buying? We asked a Which? expert to find out by trying three sponges on scuffed walls and grimy tiles.

We trialled three of the most widely available products:

  • Flash Magic Eraser
  • JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser
  • Scotch-Brite Easy Eraser

You can see what our researcher made of the products below.

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Magic erasers: our researcher’s verdict

‘All of the erasers I tried claim to be great at removing scuff marks from painted walls, and they didn’t disappoint. In fact, once I started cleaning the little marks on my walls that have built up over the years, I got a bit carried away and started hunting high and low for the tiniest scuff to erase. My walls are now much cleaner than when I moved in.

‘The tiles and grouting around my shower gradually build up a less-than-appealing orange hue from the water that splashes onto them. In the past I’ve found removing this grime to be a tough task involving heavy-duty spray cleaners and a scouring pad. I tried each of the erasers on a patch of tiling and they were all able to remove all traces of orange grime with the minimum of elbow grease. The JML product was even able to wear away at a couple of tiny mould patches that had been on the sealant since I moved in.’

Is there anything you should watch out for?

‘The packaging of the Flash Magic Eraser I tried had the claim ‘reusable’ and I think that’s a bit of a stretch. One good session of cleaning bathroom tiles and fittings significantly reduced the size of all three of the erasers and they were all starting to crumble slightly.

‘These aren’t scrubbing tools. I tried them out on my bumpy shower head and bits of sponge started coming away. It’s best to stick to smooth surfaces without any rough patches if you want the eraser to last as long as possible.

‘Eraser sponges are not suitable for all surfaces, either, so you should test the sponge in a spot that won’t be noticed if a few scratches are left behind. None of the sponges I tried were recommended for use on glass or varnished surfaces.’

Which? First Look verdict

‘They don’t seem to be as magical as some of the advertisements would have you believe, but I think they do deserve a place in your cleaning cupboard. The JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser seems like the best of the bunch in terms of value, because you get lots of eraser for your money.’

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