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Are cheap juicers worth buying?

Which? tests six juicers, including one for £39


If you want to fit whole apples into your juicer, check the width of the chute before you buy

A great juicer will be easy to use and make smooth, delicious juice. However, it’s easy to spend over £100 on a juicer, so can you save by buying a cheap model that does a decent job? 

We’ve pitted an Asda model for £39 against pricier models from brands such as Braun and Tefal. Our tests reveal whether a small investment can still result in tasty, freshly made juice or whether you need to splash out on a pricier model.

We can reveal that there are new Best Buys in the latest batch. To find out if they are pricey or cheap models, and to see the full results of our latest juicer testing, go to juicer reviews.

Asda juicer

This cheap juicer is easy to use and quite quick, too. While these are good features to have, it’s the quality of the juice that makes this either a good juicer or a poor choice.

This Asda juicer doesn’t have the widest of feeding chutes, which means you have to cut your fruit or veg into smaller pieces than you do with some other juicers. The Braun juicer, for example, is wide enough to fit in small apples without chopping them up.

Best and worst juicers

A great juicer will not only extract all the juice out of fruit, it will also be able to handle veg. Most raw veg is hard and fibrous, so needs more power for smooth processing. A good juicer will also be easy to use, easy to clean and quick.

Poor juicers struggle with tougher ingredients like veg, and are also a nightmare to clean. If you buy one of these, the chances are that before too long it will be relegated to the back of the cupboard.

Look out for juicers that have parts that are dishwasher safe or that come with tools to help clean filters and mesh attachments.

New juicer reviews

Below is a list of all of the recently tested models. Click on the links to read the full reviews (prices correct as of 21 December 2014).

Asda George Home GFJ101B £39
Braun Multiquick 5 J500 £130
Dualit Dual Max 88220 £100
Panasonic MJDJ01 £100
Philips Viva HR1832/01 £64
Tefal Infiny ZC500H40 £179

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