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Are you invalidating your boiler warranty?

The boiler small print you need to know about

Boiler servicing

A good boiler service should cost about £70.

How long do you have left on your boiler warranty? Well, Which? research can reveal that it could be fewer years than you think if you’re not in the habit of having your boiler serviced every 12 months. 

In the small print of your boiler’s manufacturer warranty is the line that you must have your boiler regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and statutory regulations. 

This means that if it has been longer than 12 months since your last boiler service, the manufacturer can refuse to cover the cost of the repair in the event of any breakdown.

Having your boiler regularly serviced is always a good idea, whether your boiler is under warranty or not. However, we know that one in five Which? members do not get their boiler regularly serviced. If this sounds like you, it could mean that you are invalidating your warranty. 

If you need a new boiler, minimise the chance of costly repairs by choosing a brand with a great reliability record that is loved by owners and respected by heating professionals. 

To find out about the best boiler brands, take a look at our boiler reviews

Why get your boiler regularly serviced?

Just as you get your car regularly serviced, you should do the same with your boiler. As with a car, catching a problem early can prevent a more serious fault further down the line. 

Boiler repairs

An annual boiler service can ensure your boiler remains under warranty. 

So you’ll avoid more costly and lengthy repairs, and having to shiver while you do without heating and hot water.

The most common boiler fault, according to our annual boilers survey, is the boiler losing pressure. This can be caused by leaking within the body of the boiler, which is often a result of old or corroded washers. This can be picked up during a good boiler service before it becomes a problem that will stop your boiler working. 

Arranging an annual boiler service should ensure your boiler ticks over nicely, and doesn’t break down on you during the cold winter ahead.

Getting a good boiler service

According to our annual survey, the average cost of a boiler service is just £70. With the average cost of a boiler repair currently running at £210, it certainly makes sense to invest in a boiler service to minimise your chances of costly repairs further down the line. And to ensure your boiler is still covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. 

However, recent undercover research by Which? revealed that not all boiler services are up to standard. We secretly filmed ten heating engineers and discovered that eight did not meet the minimum legal requirements to service a boiler. 

You can find out more about our investigation, and download our free checklist to make sure you get a proper boiler service, by clicking getting the best boiler service

(Annual boiler survey: 10,779 Which? members, May 2015.)

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