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New Dyson Small Ball vacuum cleaners unveiled

Two new vacs are lightweight and quiet, Dyson says

Dyson Small Ball vacuum cleaners

The Dyson Small Ball Animal and Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor

Dyson has released a smaller and lighter range of its popular Ball upright vacuum cleaners with the Dyson Small Ball Animal and Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor. But will the Small Ball justify its big price tag?

Dyson says that the new Small Ball vacuums have been designed to be 30% smaller than the Dyson DC40, to make it easier to store them. They’re lightweight, at 5.5kg, which it says will help when carrying them around the house. And Dyson claims the new range is 30% quieter than its previous small upright vac.

We’ll be getting the Dyson Small Ball into our lab soon so keep an eye out for the full reviews of both the Animal and Multi Floor versions.

Looking for a new vacuum cleaner right now? We’ve reviewed over 200, so find the right model for your budget in our vacuum cleaner reviews.

Dyson Small Ball vacuum cost

There are just two new models in the range for now, both upright models and both with hefty price tags. The Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor comes in at £370, whereas the Dyson Small Ball Animal costs £400.

These prices put both models at the top end of what you should expect to pay for a vacuum cleaner, so it’ll be interesting to see if they deliver a premium-quality clean to match the price tags.

What to expect for your money

Which? vacuum cleaner expert Matthew Knight says: ‘5.5 kg is very light for an upright vacuum cleaner, so this is great news if you want an upright that you can easily carry up and down the stairs. 

‘I’m looking forward to getting them to our lab and seeing how they do when put through our new and improved vacuum cleaners test programme. The new tests include large debris pick and long hair removal as well as all of our existing tests on filtration and fine dust pick up from carpet and hard floors.’

As with other Dyson models, the new vacs are bagless and come with floor heads which Dyson claims adjust to the type of flooring you have, automatically changing their profile to accommodate carpet and hard floor surfaces. The manufacturer says that the overall reach of 12.96 meters is 45% longer than their previous small vacuum cleaner.

The difference between to two models is the Animal variant comes with a ‘Tangle-free Turbine tool’. Dyson claims this can pick up hair without tangling around the brush head, which it says can slow down the brush bar and over time stop it from working all together. We test how well vacuum cleaners deal with pet hair, so you’ll be able to find out whether Dyson’s claims stand up once our review published.

As with other Dyson vacuums, the Small Ball Animal and Small Ball Multi Floor come with five-year guarantees.

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