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Five new Best Buy washing machines

Could a cheap washing machine clinch the top spot?

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Best Buy washing machines leave laundry spotless

Best Buy washing machines need to earn top marks in our tough cleaning tests, and we’ve just found not one, but five new washing machines that do just that. 

Models from Samsung, Beko, Indesit, Miele, Hoover and Siemens were on test this time around. Our new reviews include a Miele machine that will set you back more than £1,500, as well as three models for less than £300, plus the Samsung WW90K6414QX smart washing machine that you can control via an app.

As nobody wants to deal with a dripping pile of laundry, you’ll be glad to hear that the new top performers are effective at wringing water from clothes. So you won’t be waiting too long for your clothes to dry – whether that’s in a tumble dryer or on the washing line.

Our latest tests also revealed washing machines that are poor at the basic task of washing your clothes, so it’s worth reading our reviews to avoid disappointment.

Just want a washing machine that’ll leave your clothes spotless? Head to our Best Buy washing machines.

Pricey vs cheap washing machines

Miele WKR571WPS and Indesit EWD81482W

The Miele WKR571WPS (right) is pricier than the Indesit EWD81482W (left). Which is best?

There’s a £1,380 price difference between the priciest and cheapest washing machines in our latest group test.

The Indesit EWD81482W has a very reasonable £219 price tag, and has a range of programs to choose from – including cycles specifically for gym kit, duvets and woollen clothes.

On the other end of the price spectrum, the Miele WKR571WPS will set you back by an eye-watering £1,599. Its wash programs include cycles specifically for silk fabric, woollen items and delicates. It has also an automatic detergent and fabric conditioner dispenser, which you prefill – it’s then designed to release the right amount at the right time of a cycle for the best results.

Previous tests have shown no direct link between price and quality – so head to our Indesit EWD81482W and Miele WKR571WPS reviews to see how they compare.

Should you consider a smart washing machine?

We also tested the Samsung WW90K6414QX, a ‘smart’ washing machine that you can control and monitor through an app.

Unfortunately, you can’t remotely add clothes to the washing machine – but you can start/pause the machine, check how long you’ll be waiting for a program to finish, and find out when it has finished.

You can also detect and diagnose any problems you’re having with the washing machine, instead of ploughing through the instruction manual.

Find out more about smart washing machines, and whether you might want one, by heading to smart washing machines explained.

New washing machine reviews

The full list of washing machines we’ve most recently tested are listed below – click on the links to read full reviews.

Freestanding washing machines

Beko WMB91233LW, 9kg capacity, £199
Hoover DXCC49B3, 9kg capacity, £307
Indesit EWD81482W, 8kg capacity, £209
Miele WKF121, 8kg capacity, £1,099
Miele WKR571WPS, 9kg capacity, £1,599
Samsung WW70K5410UW, 7kg capacity, £470
Samsung WW90K5410UW, 9kg capacity, £580
Samsung WW90K6414QX, 9kg capacity, £650
Siemens WM14Q361GB, 8kg capacity, £349

Integrated washing machines

John Lewis JLBIWM1403, 7kg capacity, £449

Prices are correct as of 26 May 2016, and are subject to change.

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