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Poundland launches new LED light bulbs

Energy-saving LED bulbs are getting cheaper


£1 LEDs launched at Poundland.

Poundland’s launching a range of LED light bulbs. Now energy-saving LEDs can be found for as little as a pound, will they replace traditional incandescent, CFL and halogen light bulbs?

The Poundland LED light bulbs are being launched this week and are from Supacell Digital Electronics. The LED bulbs all non-dimmable and warm white coloured, with candle, golf, GLS/classic and spotlight varieties to choose from. 

Shoppers can choose from 3W LEDs (offering the equivalent brightness of a 25W traditional incandescent) or 5W (the equivalent of a 40W incandescent).

We haven’t tested these Supacell Digital Electronics LEDs, but have tested a number of LEDs on the market. The best bulbs can be switched on and off thousands of times and provide the exact colour and brightness described on the box. The worst fail before they should and don’t match their claims. 

To discover which bulbs shone through in our testing, check out our .

LED bulb prices continue to fall

The LED market is moving fast. Poundland’s launch comes at a time when technological development and rising demand has led to more retailers stocking LED bulbs. We’ve noticed that prices are falling ever closer to other bulb types on the market – namely CFL, halogen and incandescent.

Just between this and last year, we’ve seen the average cost of the LEDs we’ve tested fall by more than a pound:

  • £9.96 – average price of 60W equivalent LED GLS bulbs we tested in 2015 
  • £8.78 – average price in 2016 
  • £7.66 – average price for the spotlight LEDs we tested in 2015 
  • £5.97 – average price in 2016

Other LED bulb developments


The Philips HUE LED Light System is one of many smart LED products now on the market.

Over the last few years, we have also seen more 100W equivalent LED bulbs entering the market. Usually around 15w, these super bright LEDs allow you to illuminate a whole room at a fraction of the cost of traditional 100W incandescents. 

100W equivalents are likely to set you back between £10 and £20, but can last for decades.

You can now buy LED light bulb speakers and you may have also spotted a number of smart bulbs entering the market. Several manufacturers have released app-controlled LED lighting systems – you can control the colour and lighting effect from your tablet or smartphone, as well as turn them on and off. 

We gave the Philips Hue LED lighting system to one of our researchers to try it out. To find out what happened, take a look at our First Look Philips Hue LED review.

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