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Dyson V8 battery claims misleading, says Which?

40 minute run time only applies to minor accessories

Dyson V8 cleaning a car

Does the Dyson V8 last for 40 minutes? Not with this mini turbo tool, or any of the motorised floor cleaning tools

If you’re looking to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, you might be tempted to go for the new Dyson V8. It costs £500, but it does promise ‘up to 40 minutes’ of cleaning time – twice the amount of previous generation cordless Dyson models. 

But read the small print and you’ll find this claim only applies if you are using non-motorised handheld tools like the crevice tool. If you are cleaning floors, you’ll get just 25 minutes.

Handy information to know then, if you are choosing between the new V8 and older Dyson models like the V6, which costs significantly less – or even rival brands. But we found it was missing from key Dyson promotional material when the V8 launched, as well as leading retailer websites.

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Dyson V8 battery life claims

Battery life is one of the most important factors you’ll need to consider when buying a cordless vacuum, particularly if you are planning to use it as your main vacuum cleaner. And a jump from 20 to 40 minutes made the new Dyson V8 look particularly attractive. 

This claim was widely reported as a key benefit of the V8, along with the new bin-emptying mechanism. But Dyson failed to make clear that the 40 minute claim only applies when using certain peripheral tools, like the crevice tool. We only found out when we inspected the instructions, and subsequently searched the Dyson website. 

When we tried the Dyson V8 out, it did last for 40 minutes with the crevice tool attached, as claimed, and 25 minutes with the floor cleaning tool. That is longer than the older Dyson V6, but it’s nowhere near double. And if you are weighing up the choice of paying £330 for the Dyson V6 Absolute against paying £500 for the Dyson V8, it’s worth knowing.

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What are we doing about it?

We challenged Dyson on its promotional activity around the V8 and the missing battery life information, asking it to amend its marketing materials so that consumers can make an informed decision. We also contacted Currys, who didn’t have the full battery life information available on its website.

Dyson said: “We are clear about the run-time of our machine with different attachments – the data can be found on our website, at point of sale and has been confirmed by independent testing. In addition, due to the trigger every second of run time is used for cleaning, unlike competitors which use a traditional on/off switch which can idle away unnecessarily.”

Dyson has now amended its Dyson V8 video advert on YouTube, and Currys has updated its website details to make clear that the 40 minute run time doesn’t apply to the floor cleaning tools.

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