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Save money on laundry by making a simple switch

How much you could save by switching to an own-brand

Laundry detergent savings shown on a graph

Compare the annual costs of top-scoring and great value laundry detergents to find the best for your washing – and your budget

Every laundry load costs you; in water, electricity and detergent – but we’ve uncovered some thrifty ways that you can save.

You could shave £31 off your annual shopping bill by switching from a pricey branded washing powder to a great value own-brand alternative, according to our research. And you don’t need to compromise on cleaning power as our lab tests have uncovered the cheap Best Buy washing powders that can shift tough stains.

The priciest branded washing powder we’ve tested costs around £46 per year – but switching to a Best Buy own brand could slash that cost by two thirds.

You can also save nearly £25 on liquid capsules and £13 on liquid or gel, per year, by using a great-value product that washes as well as a pricey brand.

To see our exclusive list of the best great value detergents, go to our washing powder and laundry detergent ratings page.

Save on laundry detergent

Watch out for pricier products that don’t scrub up so well. The lowest-scoring washing powder in our tests costs £7 more per year than a great value Best Buy. Plus you could pay £2 less for liquid capsules that are poor at removing everyday stains, than for some of the best capsules on test.

Our costs are based on three washes per week over a year in the average household. If your washing machine is in action more often, you’ll save even more.

Whether you’re happy to use own brand or prefer to stay loyal to your branded laundry detergent, check our Best Buy cleaning products on offer page for this week’s cheapest prices on Best Buy cleaning products.

Cut the cost of your laundry

Besides switching to a great value detergent, follow our tips to ensure your every last load is economical.

  • Turn down the temperature – we’ve found that using the 30°C cotton programme costs 46% less than the 40°C cotton programme. Plus it’ll help preserve coloured and delicate clothes.
  • If you use fabric conditioner, choose carefully, and keep an eye on the price. Our latest tests found a fabric softener that gets your towels as soft as the top-scoring brand on test but for half the price.
  • Buy a washing machine with low running costs. Our tests reveal A+ machines that cost less to run than A+++ washing machines. Generally, the larger the drum size, the greater the running cost – check our full washing machine reviews for the best.
  • Fill your washing machine drum to the limit for the progamme chosen. Washing machines work best when you fill the drum to the limit – and the cycle will cost the same even if under-filled.

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