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Four new Best Buy washing machines revealed

Washing machines from £213 to £857 reviewed


We review the stain busting of washing machines on cottons and synthetics washes

Our 13 new washing machines reviews feature models ranging in price from an affordable £213 to a whopping £857. Among the baker’s dozen of newly tested appliances are four machines that did so well in our wash tests that we’ve made them Which? Best Buys.

Washing machines from popular brands including AEG, Hotpoint, Indesit, LG, Siemens and Whirlpool were included in our tests.

Discover the latest four models to top our tests in our Best Buy washing machine reviews.

How much does a good washing machine cost?

Our latest round of washing machine tests pits the inexpensive Indesit XWA81252XW UK (£213) against the pricey LG FH495BDN8 (£857) 

Just over £200 for the Indesit will get you room inside for 8kg of washing, a spin speed of 1200rpm and an A++ energy label. There’s a delay timer to help you to wash when you want and it features a special sports kit program.

The LG FH495BDN8 costs an awful lot more but its gargantuan 12kg drum does allow you to wash 50% more than the Indesit. Its 1400rpm spin is faster than the Indesit and the A+++ energy label means it’s slightly more energy efficient. And its drum both spins and moves left to right to replicate hand-washing clothes on some of its cycles.

We’ve found Best Buys that do a good job of washing, spinning and rinsing your clothes from around £300 and Don’t Buys that do a terrible all-round job costing more than £500. 

If price is important to you, check out our top five cheap washing machines

Does a washing machine’s spin speed matter?

In our tests we weigh the clothes we’ve just washed to see how much moisture is left in them. The wetter they are, the less effective the washing machine has been at spinning away water.

You might think that a washing machine with a higher spin speed will always be better than a slower machine. But we’ve seen washing machines that spin at 1200rpm that are every bit as good as those with a faster 1400rpm spin. 

Use our washing machine reviews to find the best washing machine for you.

How we test washing machines

We test the stain-busting power of each washing machine against a selection of stubborn and dried-on stains including grass, blood, chocolate, wine and coffee.

We test how well the washing machines wash cottons at 40°C and we wash a load of synthetics at the same temperature, using the same stains on both loads. And we don’t just test each machine once with each load. We run our tests three times to be sure that when we award a Best Buy, the washing machine is worthy of it.

Latest washing machine reviews

AEG L99699FL £699
Hotpoint WMAQF721G UK £250
Indesit IWC81482ECO UK £300
Indesit XWA81252XW UK £213
LG F14B8TDA £370
LG F14U1TCN2 £530
LG FH495BDN2 £829
LG FH495BDN8 £857
LG FH4A8TDN2 £409
LG FH4G6TDY2 £549
Siemens WM12N200GB £434
Whirlpool DLCE81469 £350
Whirlpool FSCR10432 £700

Prices correct as of 4 October 2016.

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