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Are the Google Pixel smartphones any good?

Premium pixel models tested, plus new cheap phones

Pixel PixelXL-Sidebyside

We reveal whether the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are worth their premium price tags

The release of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL has caused quite a buzz in the world of tech. And with price tags comparable to premium models from Apple and Samsung, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them to see whether they’re really worth their salt.

Google claims its new handsets have the best rear cameras ever seen on a smartphone. And as we put all mobile phones through the same photography tests, we’ve been able to put this claim to task.

They’re also the first phones that come with Google Assistant built-in – that’s a voice-controlled ‘virtual assistant’ comparable to Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. Google has made major claims about how powerful Assistant is, with it supposedly able to deliver a conversational experience that lets you can build on previous questions to get extra detail.

Also in our latest round of tests were two more affordable phones from Motorola and one from Samsung, all of which are available for less than £200. Scroll down the page to find the links to all our latest individual reviews.

All phones go through the same tests, regardless of price – so you can trust our results to really separate the wheat from the chaff. And as we’ve found there’s often no direct link between price and quality, it’s worth reading our reviews before parting with your cash.

We’ve tested more than 100 phones to help you get the most for your money – head to our smartphone reviews to make the best choice for you.

Best Buy mobile phones

Smiling Smartphone

Best Buys will be a pleasure to use, not a pain

We all spend a lot of time with our smartphones, and we know you’ll want to enjoy owning and using yours – rather than regretting not doing your homework before buying.

Fortunately, we’ve shortlisted the phones that stand out from the crowd. You can trust a Best Buy mobile to have a great display, take good photos, and respond quickly to your touch.

Don’t Buys, meanwhile, have dismal screens, take blurry, low-quality snaps, and you’ll be jabbing at the screen in frustration when apps don’t open quickly.

To avoid ending up with a dud, check out our mobile phone Best Buys.

Best mobile phones for battery life

The last thing you’ll want is a phone that’ll run out of power after minimal use.

Phone Low Batt

Don’t buy a phone that’ll struggle to get through the day

We’ve found vast differences between the best and worst phones when it comes to battery life. For instance, the best phone we’ve ever tested gives nearly 25 hours of call time or over 11 hours of web browsing – which is fantastic.

The worst phone we’ve ever tested, on the other hand, offers a dismal 6.8 hours of talk time or around five hours of web browsing.

Buying a mobile phone with a four- or five-star rating for battery life means you’ll have a phone that’ll easily see you through the day. Make sure you read our mobile phone reviews to make sure you don’t buy one that gives up on you too quickly.

New mobile phone reviews

Click on the links below to find out our expert verdict on the latest tested mobile phones. The smartphones are listed in alphabetical order.

Prices are correct as of 14 November 2016 and are subject to change.

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