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Which? reveals the most and least reliable shower brands

Is it Triton, Mira or Aqualisa showers?


We’ve asked 1,732 shower owners about their experiences with popular shower brands

We asked nearly 1,800 shower owners* to tell us about their showers, so we can reveal the most and least reliable shower brands.

Rating mixer, power and electric showers, we’ve discovered a shower brand with an impressively high reliability score of 92%, and another with a much lower score of 64%.

The reliability score is calculated by looking at the number of people who experienced a fault with their shower and how long it was before a problem occurred.

As well as reliability scores, we are also able to rate important factors such as stability of water temperature, build quality and value for money. You can use the results of our research to choose a shower that won’t let you down.

You can see all our results for each type of shower in our guide to the best shower brands

Power showers

Power showers is where we saw the biggest variation in reliability. The most reliable brand scored 90%, while the bottom just 64%.

This means that for the brand in last place, nearly four out of ten owners (39%) experienced a fault with their power shower. By contrast, only one in ten owners (12%) with a shower from the top-scoring brand did.

See how the power shower brands compare for everything, from ease of use to durability. Go to best power shower brands.

Mixer shower

If you’re looking for the most reliable type of shower, then think about getting a mixer shower. One mixer shower brand has the highest reliability score of all – an impressive 92%. 

We also calculated the average amount of time before a fault is likely to occur for each brand. This was:

  • 4.6 years for the top-scorer
  • 3.9 years for the lowest-scoring brand

As well as mixer shower big brands Aqualisa, Mira and Triton, owners rated Bristan, Grohe and Hansgrohe.

Find out how they all ranked, and how satisfied customers were with their showers overall. See our best mixer shower brands.

Electric showers

Overall, electric showers were a little less reliable – 82% was the best reliability score, and 64% the worst.

But interestingly, we also saw the biggest variation between the customer score and reliability scores for our electric shower brands. 

The customer score is based on how satisfied people were with their shower and how likely they would be to recommend it to a friend. After all, it’s no good buying a shower that’s going to last if you don’t like using it.

So it’s worth looking for a shower that has a good balance between reliability and how satisfied people are with it. Delve deeper into our findings by visiting our best electric shower brands.

(*In May 2016 we surveyed 1,732 Which? members about their experiences with the shower they bought in the last five years.)

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