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Two new Best Buy washing machines

Reviews reveal two top washers

Hoover HL1492D3 washing machine

The Hoover HL1492D3 freestanding washing machine

Among our 10 new washing machines reviews are big-name brands, including Bosch, LG and Siemens. 

Eight are freestanding machines, one built-in (or integrated) washing machine and even a top-loading washing machine. But only two earned our coveted Best Buy status.

We tested these machines on their ability to get out tough stains, so that you don’t have to spend time scrubbing away at stubborn spots on your laundry. We also grade machines on their ability to rinse and spin, so that you aren’t left with sudsy and damp washing.

Want to make your life easier and cut straight to the machines that will get your laundry done? Then check out our best washing machines.

Hoover washing machines

We’ve just reviewed three popular Hoover washing machines in our group of 10. The least expensive machine was the Hoover DXOC48C3 at an affordable £270, while the most expensive was the Hoover DXP412AIW3, at £590.

One of these three machines scored a lacklustre 41%. If you want a Hoover model, find out which to avoid and which scored highest in our Hoover washing machine reviews

Washing machine technology

These days, new washing machine models include jazzily named technology that manufacturers claim will improve washing in every way.

The Siemens WM14T390GB washing machine has a lot of exciting-sounding features, such as a iQdrive motor and speedPerfect. These are claimed to make the washing machine more quiet and more energy efficient.

The Bosch WAN28080GB washing machine allows you to add clothes mid-wash, and includes an Eco Silence Drive Motor and ActiveWater technology.

Our tests include assessments of noise, energy use, and water consumption. See whether these impressive-sounding machines live up to their claims in our washing machine reviews

Whirlpool TDLR 60210 washing machine

The Whirlpool TDLR 60210 top-loading washing machine

Top-loader washing machine

The tall, narrow profile of the top-loading Whirlpool TDLR60210 sets it apart from washing machines we’re used to seeing the UK. This is not a machine that’s going to fit under your kitchen counter. But it might be a machine to consider if you have space in a utility room, for example. 

One of the advantages of a top-loading washing machine is that you don’t have to bend as much when you’re putting clothes in and taking them out. But you can find out how it compares on performance to traditional front-loading machines by following the link below. 

New washing machine reviews

Get the review and score via each link.

Top-loading washing machine

Whirlpool TDLR 60210 £350

Freestanding washing machines

Bosch WAN28080GB £500
Bosch WAQ28490GB £480
Candy GV1610THW3W £329
Hoover DXOC48C3 £270
Hoover DXP412AIW3 £590
Hoover HL1492D3 £300
LG FH4U2VDN1 £549
Siemens WM14T390GB £530

Integrated washing machine

Whirlpool AWOA7123 £399

Prices correct as of 2 December 2016. 

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