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GB Energy Supply branding used in phishing email

Scammers imitate recently defunct energy company

Scammers are impersonating GB Energy Supply, which ceased trading last year,  in a recent phishing email targeting consumer information.

The convincing-looking scam email advertises annual savings on energy bills, and uses the GB Energy logo and corporate styling to imitate the defunct supplier.

Scam emails such as these aim to collect the personal information of the recipient so that it can then be used fraudulently. 

As scammers become more sophisticated online and cyber-crime continues to rise, consumers should be vigilant and learn to recognise the telltale signs of a scam.

Use our guides for tips on how to spot common signs of online scams.

Stay safe from scammers

Some of the signs to look out for include getting contacted out of the blue, being offered a deal that’s too good to be true, vague contact details, and emails with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

The subject line of the fraudulent email in this case was ‘Gas and electricity for just $63.75* per month!’, with the message encouraging recipients to click a ‘Get a quote’ link that redirects them to a scam website.

In this instance, the use of the dollar sign in the subject line message would be a warning that this email may not be genuine. 

Never reply to or click a link in an email that you think may be suspicious.

Read our top tips for detecting scams.

Were you a GB Energy customer?

GB Energy Supply went out of business on 26 November 2016, citing recent increases in energy prices that made its business ‘untenable’.

At the time it went bust, GB Energy Supply had 160,000 customers.

Co-operative Energy has made arrangements with GB Energy Supply to take on the management of customer debts, so it will collect any money customers owed to GB Energy Supply.

If you were a GB Energy customer, you should contact Co-operative Energy directly if you have any questions.

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