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Best washing machines for spring 2017

Give clothes drying on your washing line a head start with the best washing machines that remove way more water when they spin

Best washing machines for spring 2017

Springtime means that clothes can go straight from the washing machine onto your washing line.

On a blowy day, this can be a very quick way to get your laundry dry and, of course, it won’t cost you a penny. But how quickly your clothes dry on the washing line will be directly influenced by how well your washing machine spins them.

In our lab tests, we’ve found massive differences in how washing machines spin clothes dry between the best and the worst washing machines.

The best washing machines we’ve tested will remove around 63% of the wash water from the clothes during the spin phase. This means the clothes will be wet, but not sopping wet.

The worst washing machines we’ve seen only manage to remove around 28% of the water by the time the buzzer sounds. This means the clothes will feel soggy.

Why washing machine spin speeds can be misleading

You might think that the revolutions per minute (rpm) advertised is a sure-fire indication of how well a washing machine spins water away, but that isn’t always the case. Our investigations have found some 1200rpm spin-speed washing machines that do a better job of removing water than 1400rpm machines. We’ve also seen 1400rpm machines that can beat 1600rpm machines in terms of water spun away from the load.

That’s where our reviews come in. When you see a washing machine we’ve rated five stars for spinning, you’ll know that it did a great job in our lab tests, regardless of the spin speed advertised.

Best washing machines for spinning

We’ve just posted new reviews for 10 of the latest, most popular washing machines, from top brands including AEG, Beko, Bosch, Hoover and Whirlpool.

One of the new washing machines tested did so well that we’ve made it a Best Buy. It aced our tests to score a hugely impressive 76%.

But one machine was so poor that it scored just 36% in our tests and we’ve made it a Don’t Buy.

Of those 10 washing machines we’ve just tested, five machines have been awarded a full five stars for spinning prowess.

To discover those that were also good enough at washing and rinsing, compare our washing machine reviews.

Which? washing machines: latest reviews

Beko WMI71442 £369
Bush WMNSX1016W £329
Candy GV169TW3W £270
Hoover DXOC47C3 £276
Hoover DXOC68C3B £299
Montpellier MW1012P £299
Whirlpool DLCE71469 £329
Whirlpool DLCE91469 £379
AEG L68480FL £389
Bosch WAQ284S0GB £449

How we test washing machines for spinning

We stop washing machines straight after the rinse phase to weigh the clothes in the load. We then complete the cycle, including the spin, and weigh the clothes again.

Washing machines that remove more water receive higher scores from us for spinning and will leave you with clothes that are quicker to dry on the line or in a tumble dryer.

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