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How long before your shower fails?

Which? research reveals how long your shower's likely to stay fault-free

Woman in the shower washing her hair

The typical shower lasts just over four years until it develops a fault, according to a Which? survey of more than 1,700 owners.

Mixer showers are the most reliable type according to our survey results, remaining problem-free for around 4.3 years. You’ll have to repair your shower slightly sooner if you get a power or electric one – on average it’ll keep working for four years before it needs attention.

Before you buy a new shower, check our guide to the best and worst shower brands, to discover the brands most championed by owners.

Best shower brands

As well as the type of shower you choose, the brand also makes a big difference to how long you can expect your shower to remain in tip top condition. Power showers from the most reliable brand revealed by the results of our survey should last around 4.5 years, compared to just 3.4 years for the least reliable.

We’ve used these figures, along with how many people’s showers developed a fault at all, to calculate reliability scores for each brand rated by shower owners. The best brand earned an impressive reliability score of 92%, while another just 64%.

Find out how well-known shower brands, including Aqualisa, Triton and Mira,scored for reliability and customer satisfaction by visiting our best electric shower, power shower and mixer shower guides.

Choosing a shower

There are four options when it comes to choosing a shower: electric, digital, power and mixer.

  • Electric showers are generally the cheapest, but are less powerful than mixer and power showers. As they run off cold water, which is then heated inside the unit, electric showers can be installed in any house, no matter what the heating system is. We’ve tested and rated electric showers to uncover the models that will give you a more constant temperature, and those that will leave you suddenly shivering.
  • Mixer showers combine hot and cold water to deliver the desired water temperature. Power showers work in the same way, but have an added pump to boost the strength of the shower.
  • Digital showers are the most expensive type you can buy. They also mix hot and cold water, but include a digital thermometer in addition, which allows you to set the temperature more precisely.
  • Visit our shower buying guides to find out more information about each type.

Our survey was carried out in May 2016. We asked 1,732 Which? members who’d bought their shower in the past five years about their experiences.

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