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Would you pay £250 for a paper shredder?

The Fellowes AutoMax 130C costs a pretty penny - but do you really need to spend big on a paper shredder to keep your old documents safe from scammers?

Would you pay £250 for a paper shredder?

Of all the things that you may dream of spending £250 on, a paper shredder may be at the bottom of your list. But the Fellowes Automax 130C shredder will give you only a penny change from that sum.

We’ve put this pricey paper shredder through our expert tests to see whether it justifies abandoning that city break, pampering weekend or shiny new tech gadget.

And if you’re in the market for a shredder, but balk at the eye-watering price tag, follow our expert tips for grabbing a Best Buy machine that will suit your needs – and budget.

Best Buy paper shredders – Discover the best machines for safely destroying your personal data

£250 paper shredder reviewed

Unlike smartphones and laptops, shredder manufacturers don’t get too bombastic when describing their latest products. So rather than claiming world-leading this, or sleek and sophisticated that, Fellowes simply states that the AutoMax 130C offers ‘automatic shredding for maximum productivity’.

The ‘automatic’ part refers to the easy-to-use feeding function. Pop up to 130 sheets in the tray and this shredder chomps through them without you having to stand by and feed them all through in small batches.

The 32-litre waste bin is by far the biggest of any paper shredder we’ve tested. But there’s a very obvious elephant in the room – and we’re not talking about the pachyderm-like proportions of the 130C.

Retailing at £249.99, it’s almost a hundred pounds more expensive than any other paper shredder we’ve tested. It’s even £200 more than our cheapest Best Buy shredder.

Still tempted? Then take a look at our full Fellowes AutoMax 130C review to find out whether it tops our tests.

Find the best paper shredder for you

Paper shredders may all look much of a muchness, but we can help you narrow down the ideal machine for your home. A good shredder doesn’t have to cost the earth – we’ve found brilliant shredders that cost less than £60.

The first decision you’ll face is what kind of cutting mechanism to go for. Cross-cut (sometimes known as diamond-cut) are the most common and reduce your documents down to small squares. Choose one of these over cheaper strip or ribbon-cut shredders, as the long strips they produce can be put back together by determined thieves.

Generally speaking, the bigger the waste bin, the more paper you can shred before you have to empty it. But our testing has found that this isn’t always the case. So do check our reviews first so you can side-step the shredders that constantly have you clearing them out, as well as to find out which are slow and noisy.

If you do a lot of shredding, go for one that can swallow down at least eight or nine sheets of A4 at a time. And learn more about other features you may want to consider in our comprehensive expert guide to buying the best paper shredder.

Now you know what you’re looking for, narrow down your purchase with Which?’s paper shredder reviews.

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