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Samsung vs LG TVs – which is best in our tests?

We take a look at the latest TVs for 2017 from the world’s two biggest TV brands

Samsung vs LG TVs – which is best in our tests?

Every year these two TV brands doggedly battle it out to earn your buck. Whether you’re looking to spend a few hundred pounds or even a few thousand, both Samsung and LG promise the best quality TVs.

2017 TVs from Samsung and LG come packed with the latest technology and features, such as Freeview Play, 4K Ultra HD, support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), and slick smart-TV systems. But we took them to the lab to find out which is the best of the bunch.

£450-£750 Samsung and LG TVs

For all the talk of top-end TVs, there’s plenty of quality on offer in this slightly more reasonable price bracket. These Samsung and LG sets still come with the latest in screen technology and smart TV.

You’ll likely miss out on the keener motion processing and more premium extras, such as a smart remote, found on pricier TVs. But our testing doesn’t factor in price, ensuring that whatever your budget you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Samsung UE40MU6100, £450 – This 40-inch Samsung smart TV still has a touch of quality, despite its slightly smaller size and more reasonable price tag. It has a 4K HDR screen – said to give sharper detail with more defined colours. It comes fitted out with Samsung’s easy-to-use smart-TV system, featuring a good range of on-demand and catch-up apps.

Read our full Samsung UE40MU6100 review to find out how it fared in our testing.

LG 43UJ651V, £650 – Freeview Play will surely be one of the biggest selling points of this 43-inch LG smart TV. The smart electronic programme guide integrates catch-up telly into the programme chooser, making it easier to switch between traditional broadcast TV and on-demand. There’s also support for 4K HDR footage, if you want to watch the best possible quality available.

Take a look at how this LG fared in our testing in our expert 43UJ651V review.

Samsung UE49MU6400, £700 – This TV has proven to be hugely popular, but can Samsung improve things further in 2017? Features-wise, it looks set to impress. Much like the 40-inch Samsung above, this 49-inch model has a 4K HDR screen and sports the straightforward smart-TV platform. There’s also Bluetooth for connecting a sound bar wirelessly.

Eager to find how this mid-range set performed in our lab? Check our independent Samsung UE49MU6400 review.

LG 49UJ670V, £750 – LG signed up to Freeview Play in 2016, and all of its 2017 smart TVs now feature the smart electronic programme guide (EPG). This 49-inch model is similar to the 43UJ651V above. It’s the same smart TV platform and screen technology just on a slightly bigger scale, but this can have notable effects on picture and sound quality. It also comes with a crescent stand rather than the two-legged type on its cousin.

Find out if this 49-inch LG managed to impress in our expert 49UJ670V review.

£1,000+ Samsung and LG TVs

In this price range, you’re looking at some of the best these brands have to offer. These Samsung and LG sets feature in their premium ranges, matching top specs in terms of picture and sound quality, with sleek design and bonuses such as smart remotes.

But that doesn’t mean these TVs are guaranteed Best Buy status. Over the years of our testing, we’ve seen many TVs in this price bracket – some even costing £2,000 – fall short of the Best Buy mark. We’re not blinded by price, tirelessly looking for tip-top quality.

LG 49SJ810V, £1,050 – Here, you get LG’s so-called ‘Magic remote’. It looks not unlike a more traditional clicker, but the motion-sensitive cursor on-screen should allow you navigate easier through LG’s webOS smart TV platform and Freeview Play. It, of course, also supports 4K HDR.

Is this LG worth the price tag? Take a look at our full 49SJ810V review for all the results.

Samsung UE55MU7000, £1,500 – This TV makes huge promises, claiming ‘staggering levels of detail, brightness and contrast’. But can it live up to expectations? It misses out on Freeview Play, but comes with a slick and well-stocked smart-TV platform and Samsung’s new ‘One Remote’ – essentially a fancy universal remote (more below).

Find out if this is the right TV for you in our expert Samsung UE55MU7000 review.

Samsung UE55MU8000, £1,700 – With a near bezel-less edge and sharp design from front to back, this 55-inch Samsung looks every inch of the price. The spartan appearance of the new ‘One remote’ hides huge capabilities. It’s able to control all manner of external devices, such as Blu-ray players and games consoles, as well as the TV itself, of course.

But what about the picture and sound quality? Check our Samsung UE55MU8000 review for the results of our independent testing.

How to get the best deal on your TV

All the TVs above were launched only a couple of months ago. But our recent analysis of TV pricing has shown how much you can save by simply waiting until later in the year.

We often see TV prices fall in the summer, typically by £100 to £200 – many in the list above have done so already. Wait a little longer – until Black Friday (24th November) and beyond – and prices are likely to fall even more. We’ve seen TVs launched in April 2016, now discounted by as much as £850. When it comes to buying a new TV, it’s often a waiting game.

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