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New Best Buy high chair reviews for 2018

Read our latest reviews of 15 popular high chairs

New Best Buy high chair reviews for 2018

If you’re looking for the best high chair to suit your needs or budget, our rigorous high chair tests have just uncovered three new Best Buys.

The best high chairs are ones that are easy to use and keep clean, comfortable for your baby, and most importantly, safe, sturdy and secure. We consider all these aspects when testing high chairs.

But we also check over the extra features that high chairs come with nowadays, to see if they’re worth you parting with your cash for.

The latest high chair reviews we’ve published include the Joie Mimzy 360 with a rotating seat, so you can keep an eye on your baby without having to lift up and move the chair. Then the Chicco Polly Easy high chair (£90) has wheels on the back legs if you’re someone who needs to move the chair around a lot.

Or you might be tempted by the Baby Dan Danchair, which is a Stokke Tripp Trapp-esque convertible high chair but for almost half the price. We just done a re-test of this high chair, which has been around for a while, to see how it fares against newer models.

You can read more about these, and more, as well as discover which we’ve named the best high chairs below.

Joie Mimzy 360

In those first days of weaning, it helps to have your baby’s undivided attention, and the Joie Mimzy 360 (£120) aims to help with this by giving you the option of rotating the seat, by 90° each time, so you can see your baby, without having to re-position the chair legs.

Joie says the Mimzy 360 folds compactly and can stand independently without having to lean it against a wall. We checked this and took measurements to see how much space it takes up.

Discover what we found, and how easy this high chair is to use and clean, by reading the full Joie Mimzy 360 review.

Chicco Polly Easy

If you’re after a high chair that you have to fold and move around the kitchen on a regular basis, opting for one that has castors on the legs is a good idea.

The Chicco Polly Easy high chair (£90) has wheels on the back legs, which our parents reviewers said made it easier to move around.

Read our full Chicco Polly Easy high chair review to find out how it did in our other tests.

Oribel Cocoon high chair

The Oribel Cocoon (£155) is an eye-catching high chair that can be reclined to three different positions.

It also has a removable magnetic tray – something that is becoming increasingly popular with high chairs, as it makes it simple to detach and clean. A removable tray also makes it easier to put your baby into the high chair.

When we test high chairs, we drop the tray from a height of one metre to see if it cracks or anything breaks off which could pose a choking risk to your baby. This high chair was sturdy enough to withstand this.

You can find out how well this lovely purple seat stands up to having Bolognese sauce smeared on it by reading our Oribel Cocoon high chair review.

Baby Dan Danchair

The Baby Dan Danchair (£80) markets itself as a Tripp Trapp-esque convertible high chair, designed to take your baby from the first days of weaning to when they’re a child.

This isn’t a new launch, but we’ve re-tested this model as the manufacturer updated the harness. When we test high chairs, we check what kind of harness a high chair has (either a three-point or five-point), whether the buckles are fiddly or stiff to do up and whether the straps stain when smeared with food.

Find out how this high chair did in our testing by reading the Baby Dan Danchair review.

Mamas & Papas Bop

The Mamas & Papas Bop (£49) is an egg-shaped high chair that can be used with children from six months to three years. It converts to a low toddler chair by removing the legs.

While the Bop has a removable footrest, it’s not height adjustable, so you may find it’s either too low or too high for your child, depending on their age.

At our lab, we rest a weight on the footrest to replicate the weight of a toddler standing up on it, to see if it breaks or buckles.

Read the full Mamas & Papas Bop review to find out the results of this and all our other tests.

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Prices correct as of 1 March 2018.

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