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New Bosch electric lawn mowers tested by Which?

Should you buy a new Universal or Advanced Rotak lawn mower from Bosch?

New Bosch electric lawn mowers tested by Which?

Which? puts three new corded electric lawn mowers from Bosch through our extensive grass-cutting tests to find out if they’ll get your lawn looking great.

Bosch is one of the most popular garden machinery brands in the UK and its lawn mowers, strimmers and hedge trimmers are no strangers to our Best Buy list.

Some previous Bosch Rotak lawn mowers have been our recommended electric mowers for years, but are being discontinued in spring 2018.

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New Bosch electric lawn mowers for 2018

Spring 2018 has brought significant changes to the Bosch garden product range, including redesigned lawn mowers and a change from the cheerful turquoise bodywork of recent years to a more traditional dark green for its machines.

All the new Bosch garden machinery products will be sold under the ‘Easy’, ‘Universal’ or ‘Advanced’ range names, indicating their suitability for light, everyday or more challenging gardening tasks.

The new releases include three corded Rotak lawn mowers. Bosch says they are designed for people who want a lightweight and quiet mower that won’t disrupt the tranquillity of their garden. With a 37cm, 41cm or 45cm-wide cutting deck, Bosch claims that the new models will be suitable for lawns of 550-750 metres square.

Key changes to the range include bulkier body styling with redesigned air vents; a new collapsible grass-collecting bag to make storing the mower easier and a mechanism that lets you adjust the mower’s cutting height simply by lifting or lowering the body.

Bosch Rotak 2018 lawn mowers
Adjusting the height of the cutting blades on Bosch Rotak lawn mowers released in 2018

The range retains other distinctive Rotak features including Ergoflex handles that offer a range of places to grip and operate the mower’s controls, and grass combs designed to help you get right up to the edge of beds and obstacles in your lawn so you don’t have to tidy up with a strimmer after mowing.

Bosch Universal Rotak 550, £230

The Universal Rotak 550 is the smallest model in Bosch’s new 2018 range. It is a medium, corded electric lawn mower with a 1,300W motor. The cutting-blade width of 36cm makes it suitable for small and medium gardens of between 50-150 metres square.

Read our full review of the Bosch Universal Rotak 550 to find out if it is worth buying.

Bosch Advanced Rotak 650 and Advanced Rotak 750

The Advanced Rotak 650 (£270) is a large, corded electric lawn mower with a 1,700W motor and a cutting-blade width of 41cm, which under our classification of lawn mower sizes makes it suitable for large lawns of more than 150 metres square.

The Advanced Rotak 750 (£300) is the biggest model, with a cutting blade width of 44cm which should make it quicker to cut a larger area of grass than the Advanced Rotak 650, which is also suitable for larger lawns.

Both Advanced models also include ProSilence motors that claim to reduce their sound power level by 75%, to 89 decibels. We measured the decibel level as part of our lab tests and found that these mowers did indeed meet these claims, despite their high-powered motors.

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