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Should you spend £900 on the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine?

Or is the cheaper (by £300) Hoover DWFT412AH3 more of a smart buy?

If you’re in the market for a smart washing machine, you might be considering the much-advertised Samsung QuickDrive WW90M645OPW (£900). 

Samsung’s QuickDrive range of washing machines use an innovative drum design in an attempt to reduce wash times. They come with the impressive claim that they can halve the duration of a wash, in comparison with other Samsung machines and when washing a 5kg load at 40°C.

The QuickDrive is one of the new breed of machines that can be set and monitored from a smart phone. But this comes at a bit of a premium – we paid £900 for this model – and smart washing machines, such as the Hoover DWFT412AH3, are available for a lot less.

Samsung QuickDrive WW90M645OPW

The standout feature on this £900 Samsung is the innovative drum; the main section of the drum spins one way with the back panel turning in the opposite direction and by doing this, Samsung tells us that it will reduce wash times.

The other striking feature is its connectivity. It’s three years since Samsung launched its first fully-connected model and now you’ll find this feature on many of its washing machines. And, it’s not just limited to the QuickDrive range – you can buy interesting but cheaper smart Samsung washing machines.

At the cheaper end of the range, Samsung washing machines will allow you to diagnose problems via your phone and monitor the wash. Fully smart Samsungs go one step further and let you set the wash programme and start time from your phone. This model is fully smart, and offers the full array of wash-setting and monitoring options.

It also comes with Samsung’s AddWash door, which is a hatch in the main door allowing extra laundry to be added after the machine has been set to wash. But again, unless you’re looking for the combination of QuickDrive, Smart and the AddWash feature, you’ll be able to find cheaper Samsung machines that come with this handy hatch but not with the other appealing tech.

There’s an A+++ energy label attached to this machine, it can wash around 9kg of laundry at once and spins at a fast 1,400rpm. But like other large-capacity machines, be prepared for the front to jut out a little from under your kitchen counter.

To find out if these features help to make this Samsung washing machine a winner at washing clothes, read the full Samsung QuickDrive WW90M645OPW review.

Hoover DWFT412AH3, £600

You get a lot of washing machine for your money with this Hoover. It can wash a huge 12kg of laundry at once – that kind of capacity could easily cut two washes per week to just one.

If you download the Hoover Wizard app, you can set and control the Hoover from your phone. You can also download new wash programs as they’re released directly to your phone and use the app to monitor the wash as it happens.

It’s good to see that the full range of smart options are available on this cheaper-than-most smart Hoover. But this isn’t just a smart machine, it’s clever, too – during the early stages of each wash, the Hoover weighs the load and then sets the wash time, water and energy-use to match what’s in the drum.

Like the Samsung, it carries an A+++ energy label and can spin at 1,400rpm, which is fast. But at 69cm deep, it’s a bigger beast than most, so be prepared for the front to stick out from under your kitchen worktop. This kind of thing might be fine in a large kitchen, utility room or garage, but it means it might not be the best choice if you have a galley-style kitchen.

Reveal just how well this Hoover did in our tests by reading the Hoover DWFT412AH3 review.

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