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Is the Aldi Special Buy Plum trampoline any good?

Overview of the £67.99 trampoline you can pick up in Aldi stores this week

Is the Aldi Special Buy Plum trampoline any good?

Are you tempted by the Plum trampoline being sold as an Aldi special buy for £67.99 this week?

Plum is one of the most popular trampoline brands available. The company has a range of 8ft trampolines that vary in price.

The 8ft version being sold exclusively in Aldi forms part of the supermarket’s outdoor play ‘Specialbuys’ range, and is much cheaper than many other trampolines available.

You can spend as much as £600 for spring trampolines and up to £2,000 for spring-free trampolines.

Aldi Plum trampoline: what you get for your money

Paying your £67.99 for the Aldi Plum 8ft trampoline, you get:

  • Galvanised steel frame
  • 42 zinc coated steel springs
  • Durable jumping mat
  • Thick weather-protected foam pads to cover the springs and frame
  • Trampoline legs secured with push button locking system
  • Spring loading tool for easy assembly
  • Safety enclosure sits inside the trampoline frame and fits to the jumping mat through small eyelets
  • Flat packed
Aldi Plum trampoline

In February 2016, we surveyed 450 parents about what trampoline brand they owned and how they rated the top six trampoline brands, including Plum.

We asked them how they rate trampoline brands on ease of assembly, safety and durability, which are the key concerns when looking for the best trampoline.

To produce an overall customer score and star rating, we asked them how satisfied they were with their trampoline and whether they would recommend the brand to a friend.

Find out how Plum was rated among the best trampolines brands.

What to look for when buying a trampoline

A great trampoline is hard wearing and able to withstand constant jumping, bouncing and clambering, as well as the weather while it’s left outside.

Here’s what you should look out for when buying a trampoline:

Padding – how thick is the padding that covers the springs? It needs to protect your children from getting caught or hurting themselves.

Foam – the foam within the padding should be resilient to rain, because if it soaks up too much water, it could rot. Look for closed-cell foam rather than open-cell foam.

PVC covering – the plastic covering needs to be resistant to UV light and perishing.

Netting – both the quality of the netting and the position of it should be considered. It needs to be able to withstand the weather and children bouncing into it. It should be fixed to the trampoline along the inside perimeter of the bounce base to prevent you bouncing onto the springs.

Metal frame – the trampoline frame needs to be sturdy and the steel should be galvanised to prevent rusting.

Springs – check how many springs the trampoline has. The more springs there are, the bouncier it will be.

For more information on buying a trampoline, including tips on making sure they’re safe and how to store them, read our guide to trampoline safety.

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