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We’ve just found the best washer-dryer of 2018

In all our years of testing we've not seen many machines that do this good a job of washing and drying in one

We’ve just found the best washer-dryer of 2018

Washer-dryers have a bad reputation for being unreliable and not washing or drying particularly well, but we’ve just found one that is brilliant at both. 

In fact, this washer-dryer is so good that it’s gone straight to the top of our league table of the best washer-dryers.

It excels at both washing and drying and it doesn’t disappoint on running costs, either. Granted, it’s not the cheapest machine that we’ve tested but, when you consider that you’re getting both a washing machine and a dryer in one, we have no hesitation in heartily recommending it.

Why it’s our best washer-dryer

Only occasionally does a washer-dryer manage to score 65% or above to become a Best Buy. Our new top-scoring Best Buy gets 75%. Here’s why:

It aces cleaning cottons and synthetics

We test washer-dryers to see how well they wash on the 40°C cottons wash and the 40°C synthetics wash. We see how well they get out the toughest stains, such as grass, coffee and tomato sauce.

This washer-dryer was able to remove these stains from both cottons and synthetics, leaving all laundry good as new.

It also rinses away all signs of detergent residue, and the spin is powerfully effective, whisking away excess water, which means you won’t need to spend so much time on the drying.

It dries as well as it washes

Too many washer-dryers we’ve seen can’t dry clothes well enough or they take a really long time to achieve a good dry.

This washer-dryer was able to dry clothes evenly, leaving no damp areas. After the drying cycle was finished, clothes were either ready to be folded and put away or ready to be ironed. It’s also speedy at drying.

Washer-dryer reviews

One of these three is our new Best Buy and one scored so badly it only narrowly avoids being named a Don’t Buy:

Bosch WVG30462GB

This Bosch washer-dryer has an impressive 18 pre-programmed wash and dry settings, including a quick-wash and wool cycle. However, it will set you back £700. Find out if it’s worth it in our Bosch WVG30462GB review.

Bosch WDU28560GB

If you’re looking for a Bosch and can afford to spend £170 more, you’ll get the Bosch WDU28560GB washer-dryer with its roomy 10kg cottons capacity, 7kg synthetics capacity and 22 cycle settings.

Zanussi ZWT7142WA

At just shy of £600, this Zanussi ZWT7142WA integrated washer-dryer has just as many features as its more expensive Bosch competitors and fits neatly behind your kitchen cupboards. It has a 7kg cottons wash capacity and 4kg synthetics wash capacity. It has 21 pre-programmed wash cycles, including the ever-important quick-wash cycle.

You can see all three models we’ve just tested left to right, below.

How to avoid a dud washer-dryer

If you’ve had a bad washer-dryer, you know how frustrating they can be. Some wash well, but when it comes to drying your laundry they can overheat your clothes or even melt synthetics.

Or perhaps the dry cycle works OK, but the wash cycle isn’t able to cope with tough stains, so your clothes, particularly your whites, end up looking dull and grey.

We’ve tested a lot of washer-dryers over the years, and the average test score for those still on sale is 55%. To put that into perspective, a  score of 45% or below means that we give a washer-dryer a ‘Don’t Buy’ label.

Check out our rogues gallery of Don’t Buy washer-dryers before you shop. There are 14 we currently recommend you steer well clear of.

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