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Best kitchen appliances for your caravan holiday

Which? rounds up the best pint-sized products for a stress-free summer in your caravan

Best kitchen appliances for your caravan holiday

Heading off on a caravan adventure this summer? Make sure you’re kitted out for your next trip with our pick of the best appliances for caravans.

If you’re torn between packing light and maintaining your home comforts, these handy gadgets could be just the ticket. With the school holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to get your caravan ready.

Read on for six useful gadgets to create the ultimate caravan getaway.

1. Compact kettles for a caravan cuppa

If the great British summer lets you down, you can always rely on a trusty cup of tea to keep your hands warm and your spirits up. Make sure to choose a travel kettle for a smaller, lighter and lower-wattage choice.

Travel kettles aren’t all created equal, though. See our full reviews of the Lloytron E886 Travel Kettle (£10), the Argos Cookworks Y-600 Travel Kettle (£12) and the Lakeland 13661 Travel Kettle (£27) to see which ones we recommend.

2. Cook up campfire-worthy treats with an air fryer

Caravan veterans may be familiar with halogen ovens – the mini table-top cookers that offer fast, energy-efficient and portable dinners. They’re often versatile and reasonably priced, but, for a modern update, you could take an air fryer instead.

There’s no denying that these will take up a fair bit of space on your kitchen worktop, but they’re a great way to enjoy tasty dinners without the guilt (or the price tag) of the usual campsite fare.

If you’re ready to tuck in to low-fat chicken and chips at your campsite, check our air fryer reviews to find the best option for your budget.

3. Perk up with a compact coffee maker

If the thought of going without a proper coffee for a week or more is too much to bear, there are plenty of tiny coffee makers that can keep your caffeine levels up while roaming.

The Francis Francis Illy IperEspresso Filtro Machine (£110) and the Nespresso Krups Essenza Mini XN110140 (£77) are both slim enough to wedge between other appliances in your caravan. Read the full reviews to see which we recommend.

4. Whip up an icy afternoon treat with a mini blender

Smoothies, cocktails or juice blends – blenders have many ways to cool you down on the hottest summer days. Traditional blenders can be large and awkward to store, but there are other options if you’re packing for a caravan trip. You can buy compact mini blenders that make a drink for one or two people – or blenders with interesting storage solutions, such as the jug fitting over the base.

Which blender is best for you? See our Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender HR2876/01 review and Russell Hobbs Easy Prep Jug Blender 22990 reviews for the lowdown.

5. Rustle up simple stews with a slow cooker

No one wants to be tied to the stove on holiday, especially not in a cramped caravan. A slow cooker could be a good addition to your caravan kitchen if you’re after cheap, tasty and low-maintenance dinners. If you’re travelling in a couple, a slow cooker with a capacity of between 1.5 and 3 litres will easily make enough for two portions and won’t take up too much precious space.

See our round-up of Best Buy slow cookers for your ticket to great holiday food.

6. Clear up with a cordless vacuum

Keep your caravan looking spick and span with a cordless vacuum. Cordless vacs are ideal if you’re on the move, as most models can be stored in separate parts so they take up less space, and they’re usually good at manoeuvring around tight spaces.

If you’ve got carpets to cover, a cordless stick vacuum can help you whisk away dust and crumbs quickly. Alternatively, if space in your caravan is extra cosy, opt for a compact handheld model for quick and easy clear-ups.

Check our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews and handheld vacuum cleaner reviews to see the models that make short work of everyday mess.

How to prepare for a caravan holiday

Whether you’re new to caravan holidays or have your own pitch on a campsite, it’s still worth taking some time to make sure you’re packing the right appliances for your trip. Here are some key things to consider when prepping for your adventure:

Electricity on site

Most campsites provide a 230 volt supply of electricity, but the maximum amount you can plug in before the circuit breaker trips will vary. Whether you’re buying new gadgets or taking your trusty old ones, make sure to select appliances with a low wattage to maximise your capacity.

If you have access to gas, use it for your heating so you can save the voltage for your electrical appliances. You could also use a stovetop kettle to make sure you don’t have lose power just when you’re gasping for a cup of tea.


It’s a fine line between being prepared and tripping over clutter in your caravan. Mobile homes are smaller than you think, so pack light and make sure you’re only bringing things you will definitely need.

If you really can’t live without your appliances, choose smaller ones such as travel kettles and mini blenders. If you’re travelling with a few people, try sharing gadgets, where possible, such as hair dryers.

Weather forecast

Predicting the British summer can be a tall order, but it’s still worth checking a weather report before you go, as it could mean the difference between sweltering or shivering in your caravan.

If it looks sunny, make sure you take a portable fan for sweaty nights, and a cool box for your summer drinks. Or if you’re expecting rain, a portable heater could be just the ticket for keeping you warm and cosy, though bear in mind that a 3kW heater will use too high a current for some campsite power supplies.

For entertainment and navigation, see which tech gadgets you should take on your camping trip.

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