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LG and Samsung TV prices plummet by up to £1,500 after just a few months on sale

The price on the year's biggest releases from LG and Samsung have dropped by more than £1,000 while cheaper models are available for hundreds less

LG and Samsung TV prices plummet by up to £1,500 after just a few months on sale

The latest 2018 TVs from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony promise some appealing new features: upgraded HDR formats to boost contrast, and the latest chips and processors to improve colour and detail. The majority of these TVs have something else in common, too, but it’s not quite as enticing: they cost a fortune.

Even the cheapest 4K TV will set you back around £650 and many cost closer to £1,300 or more. To get the high-end TVs, such as Samsung’s QLEDs and OLEDs from LG and Sony, you’re going to need to shell out at least £2,000.

Or do you? We’ve kept an eye on the prices and we’ve discovered that although they start high, they soon drop to more affordable levels.

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TV price cuts come to those who wait

With the majority of TVs releasing in April and May every year, most of what you can buy now has only been available for a very short time. But already the price on some has fallen significantly.

LG OLED65C8PLA – £4,500 at launch, £3,000 today

OLED is becoming a byword for a quality TV and they usually have a price tag to match. This 65-inch giant from LG cost a dizzying £4,500 when it launched in April, but three months later it costs a third less.

If you look at it over the course of the three months, this TV cost £17 less every day and if it continued at this rate (which it won’t, unfortunately) then it would be free by 20 January 2019.

Head over to our LG OLED65C8PLA review to see if it’s worth £3,000. Or try the 55-inch OLED55C8PLA, which is £500 cheaper than it was at launch.

Samsung QE55Q9FN – £2,999 at launch, £2,499 today

The decline in price isn’t as steep as the OLED above it, but this top-of-the-line TV is still a sixth cheaper now than it was when it launched in April.

Samsung’s big-budget QLED TV got £5.50 cheaper every day and if it continued (sorry, this one won’t either), you would get it for half price on 25 January 2019 and it would be free by 21 October 2019.

£2,499 is still far from cheap, so read our Samsung QE55Q9FN review to see if it’s worth the money.

LG 49SK8500PLA – £1,299 at launch, £1,000 today

This high-end LCD TV from LG is cheaper than the two models above, which means the price drop doesn’t look as impressive, but it’s lost almost a quarter of its overall price in just three months.

The 49-inch LG TV got £3.33 cheaper every day. If it kept going at this pace (which it will. Just kidding, it won’t) then it wouldn’t cost you a penny by 24 May 2019.

Is LG’s high-end LCD worth £1,000? Find out in our LG 49SK8500PLA review.

Even more hefty price drops

The three TVs above may have had some of biggest price drops, but the majority of TVs released in April and May are at least £100 cheaper.

  • Sony KD49XF9005BU This beautiful 4K TV launched at £1,399 in April and now it’s available for £1,099.
  • Samsung UE49NU8000 This 4K TV is comparable to the XF9005, above, when it comes to specs and price. It launched at £1,200 in April and now it’s just under £1,000 at £949.
  • LG 43UK6300PLB It’s not just flashy TVs getting the discounts. This mid-range 4K TV from LG released in May at £599 and just 60 days later it’s available for £469.

If the price of these models is still a little steep then you can check out our list of the best cheap TVs.

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