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The best washing machine we’ve ever tested

It's great at washing, rinsing and spinning your clothes. You can fit loads in it and it's quiet. Find out what else we love about this wonderful washing machine

The best washing machine we’ve ever tested

At more than £1,000, the best washing machine we’ve ever tested doesn’t come cheap. But our tests show that when it comes to removing stains, it’s as good as you’ll find.

When you throw in its range of features, including steam washing, smartphone control and a cavernous drum, it can’t be beaten.

Can’t stretch to £1,000? Check out more of the best washing machines starting from £229.

Here’s why this majestic washing machine has been rated as the best we’ve ever seen.

It’s wonderful at washing

You’d be surprised by how many of the washing machines we test do a rotten job of the basics, ie washing clothes. But this machine received the maximum five-star rating for cleaning.

No need for an extra rinse

Rinsing away all signs of detergent – both those we can see and those that we can’t – can be a stiff challenge for even great washing machines.

In the past seven years of Which? washing machine testing, we’ve found only five out of the 600+ machines we’ve tested that rinse so perfectly that we can award them five stars.

This machine is one of them, which means no white marks left on your clothes or having to do an extra rinse.

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It includes smart technology

You can set it using your smartphone, and you can also custom-build your own wash programs this way.

The machine is smart enough to diagnose problems through your phone and an internet connection.

If you’re looking for a cheaper smart washing machine, Hoover provides smart as standard on many of its machines for much less than £1,000.

Take a look at the Hoover DXOA68C3, £289. You can set it and diagnose any problems using your phone, and it carries an A+++ rating for energy.

Superb spin

Spinning excess water away from clothes is a key part of any wash, and this superb machine uses every one of its 1,400 revolutions per minute to do this.

You can set lower spin speeds if you want to, but we were certainly impressed with how the machine spins when it selects the speed itself.

The integrated Beko WIR76540F1 (£369) and the freestanding John Lewis JLWM1437 (£529) both have a super-fast 1,600 rpm spin, and both cost less than our best on test.

You can fit loads in and it’s quiet

It’s a large-capacity machine – you can fit a full 12kg of clothes inside the drum, which is perfect if you do loads of washing.

We found that it’s also one of the quietest machines we’ve tested. This makes it a good option if you run your machine overnight.

If you want peaceful washing without paying too much, take a look at the freestanding Candy BWM149PH7 (£379) or the integrated Zanussi Z814W85BI (£579).

Any downsides?

It’s average for energy

It’s not bad for energy use but won’t win any awards for this, despite carrying an A+++ energy label.

But our tests have shown that it’s common to find that the best washing machines use more energy than the worst. This is because they do a much better and more thorough job of washing clothes.

High price

There’s no doubting that this is an absolutely brilliant washing machine but, for most of us, £1,000 is a lot to pay for anything that you can’t live in, drive or go on holiday to.

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