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Black Friday 2019: how much do you need to pay for a good washer-dryer?

Getting ready for the Black Friday sales? Finding a cut-price washer-dryer won’t be difficult, but don’t risk compromising on quality

Black Friday 2019: how much do you need to pay for a good washer-dryer?

In the market for a new washer-dryer? We’ve crunched the numbers to reveal how much you’ll need to fork out this Black Friday to get a high-quality machine.

We’ve put 90 washer-dryers through our expert lab tests to discover the models that will leave your clothes clean, fresh and dry.

Washer-dryers rarely come cheap – the average price of those we’ve tested is £585. It’s unusual to find a top-notch machine for less than this, but we’ve identified a handful of gems.

Read on to find out how much you should expect to pay for a washer-dryer this Black Friday so you don’t end up spending a penny more than you need to.

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We’ve found three Best Buys for less than £500, but if you’d like more choice, you’ll need to delve deeper into your wallet.

One of the low-cost Best Buys is an integrated washer-dryer, which means it will fit snugly under your kitchen counter, hidden by a cupboard door panel.

If you don’t want an expensive washer-dryer, be selective when picking a cheaper one as nine out of 10 of our Don’t Buy washer-dryers cost less than £500.

If you’d prefer not to have your washer-dryer on display, compare our integrated washer-dryer reviews

‘£500 is the most I can spend on a washer-dryer’

The brands you’ll often come across at this price are Beko, Indesit, Hoover, Hotpoint and Zanussi.

Most washer-dryers we’ve tested costing £500 or less handle synthetics washes well and don’t do too badly at washing cottons, either.

They are often below par when it comes to drying, though. Four out of five washer-dryers at this price will barely get clothes dry.

A few stand out for the right reasons. Our most affordable Best Buys shone in our clothes cleaning tests and typically did a decent job of drying.

If your washer-dryer lives in your kitchen, consider how noisy it will be too. It’s rare to find a truly quiet washer-dryer, but we found that many washer-dryers less than £500 could make chatting over a cup of tea a challenge while they’re in use. More than a third of these washer-dryers scored poorly for quietness.

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‘I could stretch to £700’

Paying a little more could increase your chances of getting a top washer-dryer – we’ve found five Best Buys between £501 and £700.

Around this price, you’ll start to see more machines from the likes of AEG, Bosch, John Lewis and Samsung.

The best washer-dryers at this price point not only do a great job of washing and drying your clothes, but also have excellent spin cycles. A good spin cycle reduces how long it takes to dry your clothes by removing excess water from your clothes after washing. This can save you money on running costs.

Good washer-dryers at this price also dry clothes evenly. All but one of our Best Buys scored highly for drying evenness, which means you won’t find the odd still-wet item among your clothes after a drying cycle.

Not every washer-dryer in this price range performed as well as our Best Buys, though – more than half take longer than they should to get your clothes dry, for example.

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‘I can pay up to £900’

Paying between £701 and £900 will also give you five Best Buys to choose from. One of the Best Buy washer-dryers at this price is the best washer-dryer we’ve ever tested.

Four out of five washer-dryers in this price range are easy to use – an important attribute for a product with so many different functions.

On the downside, some washer-dryers around this price use a lot of water and aren’t terribly energy efficient. You’d expect a little more efficiency to keep running costs down when you’re stumping up the best part of £1,000.

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‘What’s available for more than £900?’

Three in five of the £901-plus washer-dryers we’ve reviewed are Best Buys, so if you’re happy to spend this amount of money, then it does increase your chances of quality.

It doesn’t guarantee it, however. Although nearly all the machines at this price do a great job of drying your clothes, the non-Best Buys were surprisingly mediocre at the basic task of washing cottons. Good drying is pointless if clothes don’t get washed properly first.

Brands that commonly appear at this end of the pricing scale are LG, Miele and Siemens. Miele is the most expensive brand by some stretch – we haven’t tested any Miele washer-dryers that cost less than £1,299 to buy.

Although pricey, Miele washer-dryers have the lowest average running costs of all washer-dryer brands. With an average annual cost of £84 for washing and drying combined, Miele washer-dryers cost around £43 per year less than the £127 average running cost for washer-dryers.

Need some help working out what features you need in a washer-dryer? Our handy guide on how to buy the best washer-dryer can help you decide

All prices correct on 22 November 2019.

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