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What’s new in Which? magazine: January 2020

Take a look inside the all-new Which? magazine as we reveal which appliance brands make the most reliable products

Which? magazine is the UK’s bestselling monthly, trusted by more than 600,000 subscribers. Packed with reviews, advice, investigations and news, our aim is to make individuals as powerful as the organisations they deal with in their daily lives.

If you’re not yet a Which? member, we’re offering a sneak peek at the latest product reviews and investigations that are featured in the latest issue. Keep scrolling for a look inside.

Which? magazine: January 2020

More than 169,000 tonnes worth of large appliances were thrown away in the UK in 2018 – the equivalent of more than 2.6m washing machines. Stacked on top of each other, that’s the height of 254 Mount Everests.

Buying a reliable appliance that will last helps chip away at this waste. We’ve surveyed almost 8,000 Which? members, who told us about more than 25,000 large domestic appliances. In this month’s Which? magazine we share our findings, comparing big-name appliance brands including Bosch, Dyson, Miele and Samsung.

Meanwhile, we’re exposing 12 products that you should steer clear of in 2020. Each of them failed to impress in our rigorous lab tests. Our full list includes a hefty vacuum cleaner that is a nightmare to push and an infuriating budget-priced TV that vibrates when you dare to bump the volume up.

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Also in this month’s magazine:

  • Hospital parking Last year, hospital trusts in England made more than £254m from car parking charges and fines – but is this a tax on the sick or a precious source of income for the NHS?
  • How to stop overpaying for broadband With prices rising stealthily over time, the only reward many longstanding customers get for loyalty is a bigger bill.
  • Food sustainability labels decoded They’re there to help you choose more ethically, but how much do you really know about the logos on your food?
  • Are bean-to-cup coffee machines worth the extra cost? They’re popular, but we’ve found that spending big doesn’t guarantee a better brew.
  • Space exploration We reveal why there’s more to refrigeration storage space than meets the eye.

From the Editor

It’s easy to fall into a trap of using price as a proxy for quality. If you haven’t got time to research a purchase, just buying the most expensive product that you can afford offers a tempting shortcut. But Which? members know that this logic is flawed.

Take mattresses. Received wisdom says that you shouldn’t skimp on something that you’ll be using every night for years. And indeed, our mattress tests reveal that you can spend a grand and get a superb product. But they also show that you can get Best Buy quality for as little as £99. Some of the highest scorers are priced very reasonably and, ultimately, finding the style of mattress that suits your sleeping habits and comfort preferences matters more than your spending power.

It’s the same story with appliances, from washing machines to vacuum cleaners. For our cover story, we surveyed almost 8,000 of you about more than 25,000 appliances. We use your experiences to produce reliability scores which, when combined with our test results, give a unique picture of the brands you can trust to last. And across several categories, some of the most reliable brands make products at the cheaper end of the spectrum. A great example is our cover star – a Bosch washing machine that is one of 18 Best Buys from a brand that tends to offer plenty of change from £500.

Harry Rose, editor, Which? magazine

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