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20 May 2022

5 ways to make your pressure washer last longer

We’ve rounded up five easy tips to help prolong the life of your pressure washer so it will stand the test of time
Person using a pressure washer

If looked after, a pressure washer should be a long-term investment and last for years to come.

We’ve pulled together five things to consider when using or storing your pressure washer to help keep it in perfect working order and avoid having to replace it - or parts of it - before its time.

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1. Avoid kinks

When setting up your pressure washer for use, make sure your garden hose and pressure washer hose are fully extended and kink-free so they can’t obstruct water passing through. Also make sure that the connections are tightened to prevent any air getting in.

The easiest way to unkink it is to walk backwards pulling the hose straight until it’s fully extended. Then, keep rotating it clockwise so it gradually untangles. Not only will this protect the hose but it’ll also provide you with more reach and water pressure for tackling your jobs.

When storing your pressure washer after use, it’s equally important to remove any kinks to prevent it wearing over time. It also makes it easier to store it more compactly.

If there are any tears on the hose, you can try fixing it. However, it might be best to replace it rather than trying to repair it as a repaired one is unlikely to last long.

2. Carry it

Even if your pressure washer has wheels, if you have lots of uneven ground or steps, make sure you try to carry it if it’s not too heavy. 

3. Prevent debris build-up 

Avoid propping your lance facing downwards on the ground because it could pick up dirt that gets trapped in the nozzle which could risk damaging the paintwork of a car if it’s blasted out at high speed. 

Instead, make use of any storage slots for the lance and nozzles on the pressure washer itself, if it has them. 

Always give the lance and any nozzles a quick check to make sure they’re free of grit and grime. You could use a pin to gently remove any debris you find.

4. Flush your pressure washer

Do so after every use but especially before storing it over winter where it’s likely to be left idle for some time. If any water remains in the hose, the lower temperatures could cause the water to freeze and expand which may result in the hose splitting. 

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to drain your pressure washer.

When storing it over the winter, ensure it’s in a frost-free place. Garages and sheds often aren't frost-free, so you may need to find a place to store it in the house. If your garage or shed are frost-free, just ensure it’s raised off the floor and covered to protect it.

5. Protect your connections

O-rings can easily be forgotten about. If you have leaky seals, it’s a good idea to replace them to see whether this fixes the problem.

Get into the habit of applying lubricant to the rubber o-rings on the hose, pump and gun connections as this will help protect the rubber from corrosion to help prevent cracking and leaking.