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Best cheap suitcase brands in 2022 revealed

From Tripp to Samsonite, Which? members rated luggage labels on everything from durability to pocket space - but which bags are best on a budget?

Need a new suitcase? Fortunately, you don’t have to spend huge sums of money for a decent quality one according to Which? readers.

Thousands of Which? members rated their soft and hard shelled suitcases from the past five years -  and some cheap suitcase brands were rated nearly as highly as pricier luggage labels.

Owners paid an average price of £71 for a full-sized Tripp case, for instance, and it received a 77% overall customer score, which reflects how satisfied members are with the brand and whether they’d recommend it.

Well-known Samsonite also scored highly with an 83% overall customer score, coming second in our results table. However, while it’s clear Samsonite won’t disappoint and its cases will stand the test of time, the average price the brand charges (£182) is more than double the price of Tripp, so it isn’t a bargain buy.

All of the luggage brands we tested, regardless of cost, performed well. It means that a bigger outlay doesn’t necessarily equal a better bag - see our full suitcase survey results.

Best-rated cheap suitcase brands

One of the least expensive bags in the survey - and only beaten on price by IT Luggage (£63) - Tripp is a reliable option that offers a variety of bag colours and styles, which will make it easier to identify your case at baggage reclaim.

Marks & Spencer was awarded the same overall customer score (77%) as Tripp by Which? readers, but its bags outperformed Tripp in a few individual categories. For instance, star ratings by owners suggest that the wheels and zips on Marks & Spencer suitcases seem more likely to last than on Tripp luggage. It was awarded five out of five stars in both categories. Still, Tripp scored a fantastic four stars for the durability of its zips and wheels - and its bags cost our members £33 less on average.

Cheapest suitcase brand

The cheapest luggage brand in our survey - IT Luggage - cost owners an average of £63 per suitcase. IT Luggage scored highly in most categories including how light its bags are when empty - something that people told us they liked most.

It fell down slightly in the style category, as well as how durable the bag itself seems, scoring just three out of five stars. Some members confirmed this, telling us they weren’t convinced the suitcase would last, with a few calling it ‘flimsy’. Despite that, owners still awarded it 76% overall and thought it was excellent value for money.

American Tourister 

Owners of American Tourister luggage paid the same amount for it as those with Marks & Spencer cases: the average price paid for both brands was £104.

While American Tourister - which is owned by Samsonite - came bottom of the survey, it’s not a bad option. With a 74% overall customer score, it didn’t trail far behind rivals and was awarded a brilliant four out of five stars in every category by owners - from how robust it is to how easy it is to carry.

American Tourister cases are a solid choice, but with Tripp just ahead of it in the results table, offering equal or better ratings in individual categories, it’s a better bargain option at £33 less per case, on average, according to members.

Overall, we’d advise not splashing out too much on a suitcase. A cheap suitcase brand from our survey will do the job, stand the test of time and won’t cost you a small fortune. Find out how all suitcase brands in our survey performed.