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15 Apr 2020

BritBox, Quibi and Shudder: how to watch them on your TV

Are the new kids on the TV streaming block worth a look? We explore their differences and how to get them on your TV

There are literally thousands of hours of films and TV on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but unless you know what you're looking for you are at the mercy of algorithms.

These streaming services recommend shows they think you'll like. But they don't always get it right, and sifting through the mass of content to find that perfect film can take longer than its running time - if you ever find it.

Sometimes it's nice to start over by choosing a new service, with all new content, and let your malaise be washed away by a tide of fresh films and shows.

We've picked out three apps, Britbox, Quibi and Shudder, that offer something a bit different to the established services. Here's what they're all about and how you can watch them on your TV.

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What is it

Streaming service focused on British programming. Despite having ITV and Channel 4 shows, there are no ads.

Popular content

Broadchurch, Doctor Who, The Inbetweeners, The Vicar of Dibley.

Monthly price

£5.99 with a 30-day free trial.

The TVs and devices you can watch it on

According to the Britbox website the app is only available on Panasonic TVs and Samsung TVs. It seems that in 2020 LG TVs also got access, but only those made after 2014.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV streamer or an Apple TV you should also be able to access the app.

What if you don't have these devices

You can always cast content from a smartphone or tablet (this is basically mirroring what's on the screen of your device on your TV). Download the BritBox app and look for the cast icon when you're watching something on it. Press it to see a list of devices you can cast to. If your TV is connected to the internet then it should be on the list.


What is it

Quibi focuses on shorter shows with episodes coming in at around the 10-minute mark. It's designed for smartphone viewing, but will soon come to TVs.

Popular content

Survive, Flipped, &Music.

Monthly price

£7.99 with a 90-day free trial.

The devices you can watch it on

Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

What if you don't have these devices

As with any streaming app, casting content to other devices, like your TV, is the key. Unfortunately you can't do it yet, but company CEO Meg Whitman said casting to TVs would be supported soon.


What is it

Shudder is all about horror and its library of films, shows and documentaries are all designed to keep you up at night.

Popular content

The Ring, Cursed Films, Hellraiser.

Monthly price

£4.99 with a seven-day free trial.

The devices you can watch it on

Shudder isn't directly available on any TV app stores for the moment. But if you have a Roku streaming device or Amazon streaming device then you'll find the app there, meaning you can watch Shudder content on your television.If you have an Xbox you can download the app there, too.

What if you don't have these devices

You guessed it: casting. The Shudder app is on Android and Apple smartphones and you can cast its content to a smart TV on the same wireless network.

There are plenty of other streaming apps to pick from

Streaming services typically pride themselves on being contract-free, so you can stop them at any time. If you're bored of one service, cancel it and start another.

As well as the three above, you've also got Apple TV, Disney+, and of course Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Some have a yearly membership which works out slightly cheaper, but unless you're sure you're going to stick with one for 12 months then it's a better option to be able to chop and change how you see fit.

Go where the content takes you and don't feel like you need to be loyal to any of these services. If they don't have anything you fancy watching, hit cancel and take your eyes elsewhere.