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5 Jun 2018

Could you find a rare 10p coin at the local chippie?

Find out why it could pay to check your change

This weekend, The Royal Mint gave 20 fish and chip shops around the UK a small number of special edition 10p coins to give out to customers to mark #nationalfishandchips day.

Which? reveals where the coins were released, and how valuable they might be.

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Where can I find these rare coins?

The map below shows the 20 fish and chip shops that were given the special 10p coins to give out to customers.

The coins, part of the A-Z of Britain series, feature an 'F' for 'fish and chips'.

The 20 selected chippies were those recognised as the best at the National Fish and Chip Awards, organised by not-for-profit Seafish.

While the coins were released at the weekend, there is a chance one could still turn up in change from the till.

The full collection of A-Z coins were first released through The Post Office network in the first week of March 2018.

Additional special releases are set to occur throughout the year.

How do 10ps compare to rare 50ps?

At this stage, it's difficult to predict how valuable the Fish and Chips coin is likely to be.

According to coin collection site Changechecker.org, the A-Z series of 10p coins are proving popular with collectors, which could increase their value.

As an example, in the case of the 2012 Olympics 50p coin collection, more than 75% were taken out of circulation, meaning that they're under the ownership of collectors.

This means the remaining coins are much more valuable - as they're both hard to find and highly sought-after.

The 2012 Olympics football 50p, for instance, was found to sell on eBay at an average price of £8.55.

The value of the Fish and Chips coins will ultimately depend on the final mintage figures, how many of the coins are held back in private collections, and how much demand remains from buyers.

How rare is the A-Z 10p series?

The full set of A-Z coins was released earlier in the year, but the Royal Mint is planning a number of special edition releases to mark particular occasions.

At this stage, ChangeChecker has identified that the 10p coins that most people have in their collection are A (Angel of the North), B (Bond) and H (Houses of Parliament).

What's more, the three 10p coins that most people are requesting to swap to add to their collection are A (Angel of the North), E (English breakfast) and F (fish and chips).

This is an early indication of the most desirable coins from the collection, and suggests that these coins may be more valuable.

Recent eBay listings show that 10p coins from the collection regularly sell for more than £1 - one A (Angel of the North) recently sold for £6.

Other factors, such as a coin's condition, and whether it has been circulated, can also affect its value.

It's worth keeping in mind that, regardless of how scarce a coin is deemed to be, rare coins are only ever worth what someone is willing to pay for them.

What is the Great British Coin Hunt?

The fish and chips design is part of The Great British Coin Hunt, involving a collection of 26 10p coins each adorned with letters A-Z that picture something quintessentially British, from cricket, to Stonehenge, to a zebra crossing.

The graphic below shows the full list of A-Z British 10p coin designs.

The Royal Mint has also released an app, where people can keep track of their collection and receive live statistics and insights into where the coins are being found.