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5 Feb 2021

Don't Buy Hauck stair gate recalled in error

This Hauck safety barrier had previously been flagged by Which? as having a problem with the autoclose mechanism
hauck autoclose stair gate recall

**UPDATE (5 February 2021)**

The original article published below on 15 December 2020 stated that the Hauck Autoclose 'n' Stop stair gate was the subject of a safety recall.

However, since first reporting this, Hauck has received confirmation that the Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX) safety alert was issued in error and has been suspended. This means that the Hauck stair gate is no longer subject to a safety alert or recall from RAPEX.

Our own results from Which? stair gate testing still stand.

Original news story (15 December 2020):

The Hauck Autoclose 'n' Stop stair gate is being recalled due to problems with the autoclose mechanism, which could be unsafe.

A notice was added to RAPEX, which stated that due to the malfunction of the automatic locking system, the safety gate doesn't close.

A child could pass through the opening and fall down the stairs, and means the product doesn't comply with the relevant European standard EN 1930.

We first tested this gate in April 2020 and made it a Don't Buy after we found that the autoclose system didn't work. Find out more about this recall below.

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Which Hauck stair gate is affected?

Hauck Autoclose 'n' Stop stair gates with an EAN number of 4007923597255 and production date of August 2019 are affected.

hauck autoclose 'n' stop stair gate

The RAPEX alert states that the following measures need to take place:

  • A ban on the marketing of the product
  • Recall of the product from customers
  • A warning for consumers of the risks of this product
  • A withdrawal of the product from the market.

If you own this product, you should stop using it as soon as possible.

We understand that if you bought the gate through Amazon, you will have received an email warning of the recall stating that it should be returned for a full refund.

Hauck has stated that the Hauck Autoclose 'n' Stop 2, which is not available to purchase in the UK, is a different gate and hasn't been recalled. Other Hauck gates are also not affected.

What is RAPEX?

The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX) is an alert system that enables a quick exchange of information about dangerous products between EU/EEA member states, the UK and the European Commission.

It's designed to warn people about dangerous non-food products that could pose a risk to the health and safety of consumers.

Which? stair gate testing

Which? tested the Hauck Autoclose 'n' Stop stair gate in April 2020 and flagged that the autoclose function didn't work effectively.

Our lab spotted that the autoclose system on the gate we tested didn't completely shut the gate. When letting the gate shut from the widest opening position, the top of the gate shut, but the bottom latch didn't quite click in.

And when letting the gate swing shut from the minimum position when opened, both the bottom and top of the gate failed to latch properly.

When we alerted Hauck to these failures at the time, it stated that it didn't accept our findings.

What does Hauck say?

Hauck is disputing the recall and says that it was instigated without consultation.

It states that it has sent this model of gate to three different independent test houses confirming the product conforms to the EN1930:2011 Standard.

Hauck evaluates the product as safe because of quality assurance by the manufacturer, incoming goods quality checks, positive customer feedback and the following corrective measure.

A Hauck spokesperson said: 'According to our investigations and tests, it has been determined that the gate may have been damaged in transit. As a result, we have changed the package accordingly by adding a padding (PU foam) on the inside. In addition, we have emphasised further the part in the instruction manual that explains the closure mechanism.'