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26 Jun 2020

Dyson takes on Shark with new flexible cordless vacuums

Dyson V7 and V8 cordless vacuums can now bend, but how do they compare with Shark's Flexology range?
Someone using Dyson's Reach Under tool to clean un

Dyson has launched updated versions of its V7 and V8 cordless vacuum cleaners, including a new hinged 'reach-under' tool for added flexibility.

This could be in response to popular rival brand Shark's range of Flexology cordless vacuums that include a small section of flexible tubing so you can more easily reach under furniture.

Dyson has seen increasing challenges to its cordless dominance from rivals, with many aiming to differentiate themselves with eye-catching features, such as hinged tubes, LED headlights and dust sensors.

The rigid stick design of Dyson-style cordless vacuums can be limiting for some smaller cleaning jobs, so a hinge could definitely be handy.

We've taken a look at how the flexible cleaning options stack up against each other.

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Dyson's 'reach-under' tool vs Shark Flexology

The new Dyson tool is a detachable accessory that fits to the top of the cleaning tube, letting you rotate the vacuum up to 90 degrees to reach under furniture.

This helps you reach tricky spots and reduces the need to bend down during cleaning.

It's similar to Dyson's existing 'up-top' adaptor, which helps you reach high-up spots that are trickier to clean, like on top of cupboards.

It's currently included with new versions of the V7 and V8 cordless vacuums - Dyson's slightly older and cheaper cordless models.

The V7 also benefits from a few other updates, including changes to the filtration system that are designed to minimise allergen leakage.

Watch out for older versions

The updated models, which include the reach-under accessory as standard, have the same model number as the old ones.

If you're looking to buy one, make sure to check the included accessories, as older versions which don't include the tool are still on sale, often for a similar or even higher price.

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Shark Flexology: how it differs from Dyson

Unlike Dyson the flexible bit of the Shark Flexology range is not a detachable accessory. It's a section of flexible tubing built into the cleaning tube, that you can lock in place for floor cleaning, or click into flex mode for sweeping under furniture.

As well as letting you reach further under furniture, it also allows you to fold the vac in half for easy upright storage without the need for a wall mount.

Dyson models can't self-stand, so they need to be disassembled or hung on a wall-mount.

Corded or cordless flex options

Shark also does a line in corded stick vacuums, which offer the benefits of compact lightweight cleaning, but with no worries about running out of power halfway through.

Both corded and cordless options are available with 'Flexology' as a feature.

Recent versions are the corded Shark DuoClean Pet Flexology HV390UKT vacuum and cordless Shark Anti Hair Wrap with Flexology IZ251UK vacuum cleaner.

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Shark vs Dyson cordless features

Both Shark and Dyson compete at the premium end of the cordless vacuum cleaners market, with entry-level models costing around £200 and top-of-the-range vacs up to around £600.

Here's how the two brand's ranges stack up on key specs:

Shark cordless vacuum cleanersDyson cordless vacuum cleaners
Price range£190-£499£249-£650
Average weight4.87kg2.54kg
Average dust capacity1.06L0.64L
Average battery life (highest power setting)29 minutes8 minutes
Average battery life (lowest power setting)52 minutes36 minutes
Included warranty length5 years2 years

*Table notes: Technical data is from Which? test results for all Dyson and Shark cordless vacuum cleaners. Pricing information correct as of 26 June 2020.

Although Dyson produces lighter cordless vacuums, Shark edges it on specs such as price, runtime, dust capacity and manufacturer warranty.

However, features likes longer battery life will mean very little if the vacuum doesn't lift dust effectively.

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