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16 Aug 2019

EDF Energy takes on failed Solarplicity's customers

Gas and electricity prices will change for affected customers

Tomorrow Solarplicity's customers will be transferred to EDF Energy, after Ofgem chose the Big Six gas and electricity supplier to take on the failed firm's customers.

If you're among the 7,500 people affected, EDF Energy will contact you soon to provide more details.

Your prices will change, although any credit you have built up will be honoured.

Read on to find out what you need to know about becoming a customer of EDF and what existing customers think of it.

Once you have been moved to EDF Energy, you are free to switch if you wish. Compare gas and electricity prices using Which? Switch and check the best and worst energy companies to find the best supplier and price for you.

Solarplicity customers: what happens now

We reported that Solarplicity stopped trading earlier this week. Your gas and electricity supply will have continued as usual and you should have taken a meter reading.

Now you should wait for EDF Energy to contact you. It will do this in the 'coming days', according to Ofgem.

EDF said that it will send out welcome packs to customers once it has the details it needs from Solarplicity. These will include details of your new contract with EDF, including the price of your tariff.

You will move to an EDF Energy tariff, so your prices might be different to those with Solarplicity.

If you want to switch to another supplier, you will not be charged an exit fee.

If you were previously a Solarplicity customer but were transferred to Toto Energy, this does not affect you. You will remain with Toto Energy, which says it has contacted all customers switched to it.

What will happen to my debt or credit with Solarplicity?

If you were in credit to Solarplicity, EDF Energy will honour the money owed to you. It says it will publish information 'shortly' on how to get a refund.

If you switched to another company and are waiting for a refund of your credit, then it will be paid to you, although you'll need to wait until EDF has the information it needs from Solarplicity.

You will still need to repay any money you owed to Solarplicity. EDF Energy will not collect this, and Solarplicity's administrators will get in touch.

What happens to my solar feed-in tariff payments?

If Solarplicity paid your feed-in tariff, you will need to approach a new FIT licensee (supplier) to continue to receive the payments.

EDF is a FIT licensee. Other companies which pay the FIT are listed on our dedicated page.

Why is EDF Energy the chosen supplier?

Energy regulator Ofgem appointed EDF Energy to take on Solarplicity's customers after a competitive process.

Ofgem says that the process is to get the 'best deal possible for customers'.

What do EDF Energy's customers think of it?

In our most recent energy companies satisfaction survey, EDF Energy finished in 23rd position out of 30 companies included.

While that might not sound fantastic, Solarplicity finished last.

EDF Energy scored an average three stars across the board in our survey, including for its customer service online and on the phone, how it handles complaints and value for money.

The top-scoring firm achieved five-star ratings, while Solarplicity consistently achieved just one star.