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25 Mar 2020

Five popular car seats that are the easiest to keep clean

Plus advice on sanitising your baby car seat and how to refit it correctly

When it comes to baby and child car seats, in most cases the cover, inserts and belt pads of the car seat can be removed in order for these to be cleaned, and most can be machine-washed.

Our baby and child car seat tests include an assessment of how easy it is to remove, wash and refit a child car seat. Each one is given a star rating out of five stars.

Read on for five baby and child car seats that recently received an excellent five stars for cleaning, plus advice on sanitising your child car seat and fitting it back into your car.

Or go to our best baby and child car seats to see the safest ones that perform well in our tough crash tests.

Five easy to clean baby and child car seats

Nuna Myti i-Size car seat - £275

The Nuna Myti i-Size is a baby car seat that's suitable for children measuring 76cm to 150cm in height, which is typically around 15 months old up to 12 years old.

This i-Size car seat is fitted in your car using Isofix and a top tether. It uses a five-point harness for children under 105cm tall (about four years old), after which you switch to using the adult seat belt to secure your child in the seat.

The Myti has washable covers that are easy to remove, and it gets an excellent five stars for ease of cleaning.

But how did it stand up to our front and side crash testing? Visit the Nuna Myti i-Size review to find out whether we'd recommend buying this multi-stage car seat.

Maxi Cosi Jade + 3wayFix - £428

A baby less than a month old shouldn't spend longer than 30 minutes in a car seat as they scrunch up your baby's body, which isn't healthy for long periods of time.

The Maxi Cosi Jade solves this problem as it's a carrycot-style car seat that lies flat, so it supports your baby's developing spine and allows them to breathe easily.

It's suitable from birth up to 70cm, which is about a year old, and its ideal for those who plan to take long car journeys with their newborn.

It's another car seat that excelled in our cleaning tests with five stars, but how did it rate for safety, fitting and comfort? Go to our Maxi Cosi Jade + 3wayFix review to see if it's worth investing in.

Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size - £280

The Joie i-Spin 360 is an extended rear-facing car seat suitable from birth up to 105cm/18kg (approximately four years old), although it can be turned forward-facing from 76cm (15 months old).

It has a rotating base that can spin 360 degrees, which will help you get your baby in and out of the seat without straining your back.

This car seat received five stars for cleaning in our tests, and you can easily wash the seat in the likely event of any accidents or toddler food smears.

Take a look at the Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size review to see how it scored and whether our car seat experts or our parent panel discovered anything you need to know about.

Britax DualFix M i-Size - £275

The Britax Romer DualFix M i-Size has a 'quick-remove cover' that can be taken off without removing the harness and the cover is machine-washable, so it's no surprise it gets five stars for cleaning.

Similar to the i-Spin 360, it's a rotating extended rear-facing car seat, but it's only suitable for little ones measuring 61cm-105cm, which is about three months to four years old.

It's very similar to the DualFix i-Size, but the M version is not suitable from birth.

Visit the Britax Romer DualFix M i-Size review to discover how easy is it to fit using Isofix and the support leg, and see whether there's any difference in the crash test star ratings depending on whether it's rear-facing or forward-facing.

Maxi Cosi Titan Pro - £250

The Titan Pro is Maxi Cosi's first Group 1/2/3 car seat and it's approved for use with children weighing 9kg-36kg, roughly one to 12 years of age.

It's an appealing choice if your baby has outgrown their first car seat, as in theory it can be used until your child no longer needs to use one.

If you end up using it for 11 years, it's inevitable you'll need to clean up one or two spills, and this car seat has covers that are simple to remove and machine-washable.

As this multi-group car seat spans several stages, we crash tested it in every mode available. Go to the Maxi Cosi Titan Pro review to check out the safety star ratings for each group.

How to clean your baby or child car seat

  • Read the instruction manual to check how to take off the cover, cushions and belt pads correctly. If you've misplaced the paper manual, you can often find these online in a PDF format with a quick internet search.
  • Take photos as you go so if you need to take anything apart, you have a reference for how it should look. If you put the car seat back together and something is in the wrong place, it could potentially have an effect on how well the child car seat protects your little one in a crash.

Coronavirus: how to wash clothes and kill germs

  • Check the care labels on the cover or refer to the manual for washing instructions. Some are hand wash-only, while others may be machine-washable. Follow the temperature and detergent guidelines carefully to avoid damaging the fabrics.
  • Clean the harness carefully, as harsh chemicals or detergents such as bleach could damage the fabric and weaken it, meaning that it won't restrain your child correctly in the event of a collision. Follow the method specified in the instruction manual for removal and cleaning to ensure it's safe to use.
  • Put it back together correctly using the photos from step two and the instruction manual. It's also worth searching the internet for how-to videos. Many brands have made videos which can be found on YouTube.
  • Properly fit the car seat back into your car, otherwise it won't work correctly and could compromise your baby's safety. Check the instructions, online videos and take a look at our raft of video guides on how to fit a baby car seat, rear-facing or forward-facing car seats, as well as those that are fitted using the car's seat belt or Isofix. You can also download a free PDF of our car seat fitting checklist to help ensure a safe fit.
  • Go to our guide on common problems when fitting a baby or child car seat to avoid safety issues such as twisted seatbelts, loose harnesses and incorrectly connected Isofix points, which can all have a detrimental effect in a crash.