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Updated: 15 Aug 2018

HP issues security fix for printer hacking flaw

Many popular HP inkjet printers understood to be vulnerable to the attack. HP urges owners to update the printer software to ensure they're not at risk.

Owners of popular HP printers, including Deskjet, Officejet and Envy models, are being urged to update their printer's firmware to prevent hackers being able to seize control of their machines.

HP explained that 'a maliciously crafted file' sent to the affected printers could enable 'remote code execution', effectively giving the attacker control of the machine.

See the full list of potentially affected models below and also advice on what you should do if you own one.

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HP printers security flaw

HP has said that it was alerted to two security issues with some of its consumer inkjet printersby third-party security researchers.

Earlier this week, Check Point Research revealed how security flaws in a printer's fax functionality could allow an attacker to send a malicious file to the machine and gain access to it. It had responsibly disclosed the vulnerabilities to HP and the company was able to develop a software fix.

Our test lab has now identified just over 100 different HP models potentially affected by the security vulnerability.See if your printer is affected in the full list below.

The flaw is not limited to just models that havefax functionality, as we understand it involves the software that processes image data. This means that it can affect any HP printer able to receive the malicious file. For example, Check Point also found issues with other fax implementations, such as fax-to-mail services.

What you should do

First of all, don't panic. The chances of your printer actually being hacked are likely to be very low.

HP has issued two firmware updates for the impacted printers that it claims address the security flaws.

If your printer is potentially affected, all you need to do is go to the HP Software and Drivers page, search for your printer and then find the firmware update from the list.

You can either connect your printer up to your computer via a USB cable to download the firmware, or update the firmware directly on the printer via the control menu.

HP has provided instructionson how to get the firmware onto your printer.

HP inkjet printers affected

Below is the full list of inkjet printers we believe are affected by the security issue. This includes the ones stated by HP on its website, and also models that we believe are related or similar.

Even if they aren't affected, it is worth spending a bit of time updating the firmware on your printer just to be 100% sure.

Deskjet 2540, Deskjet 2542, Deskjet 2546, Deskjet 2546, Deskjet 2630, Deskjet 2632, Deskjet 2633, Deskjet 2646, Deskjet 3546, Deskjet 3630, Deskjet 3632, Deskjet 3633, Deskjet 3634, Deskjet 3635, Deskjet 3636, Deskjet 3637, Deskjet 3638, Deskjet 3639, Deskjet 3720, Deskjet 3730, Deskjet 3732, Deskjet 3733, Deskjet 3735, Deskjet 4615, Deskjet 4646, Deskjet 4729, Deskjet 5525

Envy 120, Envy 4500, Envy 4502, Envy 4507, Envy 4520, Envy 4522, Envy 4523, Envy 4524, Envy 4526, Envy 4527, Envy 4528, Envy 5020, Envy 5030, Envy 5032, Envy 5530, Envy 5532, Envy 5534, Envy 5540, Envy 5541, Envy 5542, Envy 5544, Envy 5546, Envy 5640, Envy 5644, Envy 5646, Envy 7640, Envy Photo 6230, Envy Photo 6234, Envy Photo 7130, Envy Photo 7134, Envy Photo 7830

Officejet 150, Officejet 200 Mobile, Officejet 250 Mobile, Officejet 2620, Officejet 3830, Officejet 3831, Officejet 3832, Officejet 3833, Officejet 3834, Officejet 3835, Officejet 4630, Officejet 4632, Officejet 4650, Officejet 4652, Officejet 4654, Officejet 4656, Officejet 4658, Officejet 5230, Officejet 5740, Officejet 6230, Officejet 6950, Officejet 7510, Officejet 7612

Officejet Pro 276dw, Officejet Pro 6820, Officejet Pro 6830, Officejet Pro 6830, Officejet Pro 6960, Officejet Pro 6970, Officejet Pro 7720, Officejet Pro 7730, Officejet Pro 7740, Officejet Pro 8100, Officejet Pro 8210, Officejet Pro 8610, Officejet Pro 8610, Officejet Pro 8620, Officejet Pro 8710, Officejet Pro 8715, Officejet Pro 8718, Officejet Pro 8720, Officejet Pro 8725, Officejet Pro 8728, Officejet Pro 8730, Officejet Pro 8740

PageWide MFP 377DW

Photosmart 5524, PhotoSmart 5525, PhotoSmart 6525