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16 Feb 2022

Ikea cot mattresses compared: are they any good?

We take an in-depth look at five Ikea foam and pocket spring cot mattresses and give our expert verdict
parent putting baby into cot mattress

Ikea offers a range of cot mattresses, with some costing as little as £29 and others up to £150. Is the price any indicator of quality? And will a foam or pocket-sprung mattress meet your little one's needs better?

It can be tricky to know which ones to shortlist, so we've compared each cot mattress in Ikea's range to help give you the information you need to decide.

We've tested four out of the five offerings from Ikea, so our in-depth reviews will let you know which cot mattress is built to last and keep your child safe until they move on to a junior bed.

Read on for the full Ikea cot mattress breakdown, or head straight to our cot mattress reviews.

Ikea cot mattress range

We've summarised the key tech specs of Ikea's cot mattresses in the following table.

All these cot mattresses are 70cmx140cm - the standard size which will fit most UK cot beds.

If you have a cot (rather than a cot bed) some mattresses come in the smaller 60cmx120cm size, which will be more suitable.

Always make sure you get the right size for your cot or cot bed, as it's unsafe to have any gaps larger than 3cm between the cot and the mattress because your baby could become trapped.

ModelPriceTypeWeightHeightFirmnessRemovable and washable cover?Available 60x120cm?
Krummelur£50Foam2.2kg8cmVery hardYesYes - £40
Sku00f6nast£80Foam3.5kg10cmVery hardYesYes - £60
Price correct as of 14 February 2022. Weight measured weights from Which? tests, apart from Pelleplutt which is the advertised weight from the Ikea website Height fromthe Ikea website. n/aspec isn't available as Which? are yet to test this mattress.

Ikea Pelleplutt

Ikea Pelleplutt cot mattress

It's the cheapest cot mattress Ikea offers. While we haven't yet tested the Pelleplutt, with over five years of experience testing cot mattresses we are able to shed some light on a couple of things we spotted in the mattresses tech specs.

The outside cover isn't machine washable, with Ikea instructing parents to 'wipe clean with a damp cloth'.

This may be okay for small spills that you catch quickly, but we recommend getting a waterproof cover that can be machine washed. Otherwise you'll find the mattress is hard to keep clean, germ-free and hygienic.

Ikea sells a waterproof mattress protector for £12, so bundling that with the Pelleplutt would cost £41, which is still cheaper than the next model up.

The mattress is also only 6cm thick, which is a bit on the thin side. In our experience you need a cot mattress that's closer to 10cm in thickness, as this will ensure no part of your child's body will contact the hard base of the cot.

Ikea Krummelur

Ikea Krummelur cot mattress

This cot mattress is reversible, with a smooth side that's firmer for babies, and a wavy side that offers medium-firm comfort for toddlers.

This makes it an ideal choice if you want a mattress to last all the way until your child is ready for a junior bed.

Unlike the Pelleplutt, this mattress comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed at 60°C. We would recommend having a cover that can be washed at this temperature to ensure that any nasty germs or bugs are killed in the wash.

The mattress is made of foam. In general foam cot mattresses are cheaper and lighter, offering good value for money. However we've found in our testing that thin foam can sometimes lose its shape and dent more easily.

We put the Krummelur through our rigorous durability and safety tests. Read the Ikea Krummelur cot mattress review to find out how it stacked up.

Ikea Sku00f6nast

Ikea Skonast cot mattress

This is Ikea's priciest foam cot mattress. For this you get a thicker mattress than the Krummelur and Pelleplutt (10cm, rather than eight or six).

This extra thickness shouldprevent any part of your baby body's sagging through the mattress and touching the cot bed underneath.

The foam is also denser than the other two foam mattresses, which in theory means it should have greater durability and continue to provide support to your child as they grow.

It has a removable outer cover, washable up to 60u00baC, which is perfect for keeping the cot mattress hygienic.

On paper the thicker and denser Sku00f6nast should be more durable than the Pelleplutt and Krummelur, and continue to provide good support even as your child grows.

But theory and practice can differ - that's why our safety and durability tests are so important to uncover the best cot mattresses. Read our Ikea Sku00f6nast cot mattress review to find out how it fared.

Not sure whether to go for foam or spring? - head to our cot mattress buying guide to compare the pros and cons of different types of mattress

Ikea Ju00e4ttetru00f6tt

Ikea Jattetrott cot mattress

Just shy of £100, the Ju00e4ttetru00f6tt is Ikea's cheapest cot mattress with springs.

This mattress has 170 pocket-springs, which means each spring is sewn into its own pocket and can move independently.

Compared to a regular spring mattress, pocket-sprung mattresses are deemed to be more comfortable and better at supporting your body.

The springs are covered by a layer of the same foam used in the Pelleplutt and Krummelur mattresses.

Spring mattresses tend to be more durable than foam, though our testing has found foam ones that hold up fantastically, and spring mattresses that sag and drop over time.

The Ju00e4ttetru00f6tt comes with a removable and washable cover, but unlike the foam mattresses, this cover has a handle to make moving and turning the cot mattress easier.

To see how the Ju00e4ttetru00f6tt fared in our firmness, durability and safety tests, read our Ikea Ju00e4ttetru00f6tt cot mattress review.

Ikea Dru00f6mmande

Ikea Drommande cot mattress

The Dru00f6mmande is Ikea's most expensive cot mattress.

For this you get a removable cover with cotton side-ticking (like the other cot mattresses, the top ticking is 100% polyester), and the foam topping is coconut fibre, rather than the polyurethane used on the others.

The natural fibre helps air circulate, meaning this mattress should offer the best ventilation and temperature-regulation of all Ikea's mattresses.

It also has a firmer foam. Unlike adult mattresses, you want a very firm cot mattress to provide excellent support for your growing child.

The Dru00f6mmande is the only Ikea mattress with a removable cover that can only be washed at 40u00baC. This is most likely due to the cotton in the cover, but we recommend a cover that can be washed at 60u00baC to ensure all bacteria and germs are killed.

Ikea sells a separate waterproof cover for £12 that can be washed at 60u00baC.

While it feels like a pricier cot mattress should perform better, our testing finds this isn't always the case. Read our full Ikea Dru00f6mmande cot mattress review to find out where this one falls.

Cot mattress and bedding safety - how to best create a safe sleeping space for your child

Does it pay to get an expensive cot mattress?

scatter graph showing no correlation between pirce

Price doesn't factor into our test scores at Which? Whether pricey or cheap, a good cot mattress is a good cot mattress.

But is there any truth in the statement that paying more gets you better quality?

To see, we've taken all our available reviews as of February 2022 and compared their retail price to the overall test score.

You can see in the graphic that there is no correlation between the price of a cot mattress and how well it performs.

In fact the average price of a Best Buy cot mattress is £89, while the average price of Don't Buys is £121.

So using price as an indicator of quality won't necessarily get you the best cot mattress for your budget.

Which? cot mattress reviews

While there are plenty of reviews online for cot mattresses, Which? testing goes above and beyond other reviews:

  • We buy every mattress we test - so our opinion is honest and unbiased.
  • We score based on lab tests- this ensures there's no unconscious bias, and when we say a cot mattress is great there is the data to back this up.
  • We test to the highest safety standards- we test to the BS EN 16890:2017 + A1:2021 voluntary safety standard, which we believe goes further to ensure a cot mattress is safe for your child. If a cot mattress we test doesn't pass the requirements set out by the safety standard, we don't recommend it.
  • We conduct durability tests- most other reviews have only tried out the mattress for a few weeks or months. Each cot mattress we review undergoes a 10,000 cycle durability test, replicating years of use. So we can tell you if a cot mattress will still be safe and supportive years down the line, something other reviews can't.

Read our how we test cot mattresses guide for even more information on our testing.